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Lightning strikes cause $1.3 billion in damage to homes

A recent report by the Insurance Information Institute says lightning strikes caused $1.3 billion in damage across the United States in 2021. Sill Public Adjusters can help you recover much faster.

Americare Systems/Eureka Nuring Home

Tornado season can be rough through the “breadbasket” of America. So, when a tornado swept into Eureka, Kansas during the summer, no one was surprised. What caused concern though was the fact that the tornado “swept away” an entire wing of the Eureka Nursing Home. Recognizing the nursing home’s dual-faceted goals of: 1) Getting up and running the full nursing facility with the least amount of disruption to their normal daily schedule (in order to continue to serve their patients’ needs), and 2) ensuring that they fully recovered all of the damages incurred by the home, almost immediately following the storm, despite the fact that the nursing had previously handled all of its property insurance claims, albeit smaller claims, internally, Eureka reached out to the Alex N. Sill Company, North America’s leading public adjuster and loss consultant.…