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Tornado threat in the Midwest, how a public adjuster can help with insurance claims

Severe weather threatens parts of the Midwest this week, with the potential for dangerous tornadoes and damaging hail. See how a public adjuster can help if you need to file a property damage insurance claim.

Deadly tornado outbreak impacts Ohio and Indiana

A series of deadly tornadoes caused damage in parts of Ohio and Indiana Thursday night. The storms knocked out power for thousands and damaged numerous properties. Sadly, local news outlets are reporting numerous deaths, calling it a "mass casualty" event.…

House fire insurance claim help

A house fire insurance claim can be overwhelming for property owners. You can hire a public adjuster to get expert help to settle your claim much faster than you will on your own.…

Deadly tornadoes in TN; How to handle tornado insurance claims

Deadly tornadoes swept through Tennessee Saturday, killing six and injuring dozens more before leaving 35,000 without power. Sill Public Adjusters are there to help property owners with their recovery efforts. Find out how we can settle your insurance claim faster than you will on your own.…