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Insurance Claims

Sill has been in business for more than 90 years. In that time we’ve dealt with property damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, vandalism, frozen pipes, fire, and any other natural disaster. 

Lumber yard fire, commercial insurance claims help, Sill Public Adjusters

Fire Damage

Sill has decades of experience in handling large losses at apartment communities, manufacturing plants, as well as large residential fires.

Tornado damage insurance claim help, Sill Public Adjusters

Hurricane Damage

At Sill our hurricane response team is mobilized immediately to help you recover. We have offices in Delray Beach and Orlando, Florida, as well as in Houston, Texas. If your property is hit with storm damage contact Sill, the industry leader when it comes to hurricane recovery.

Tornado damage to home, Sill Public Adjusters can help settle your claim faster

Tornado Damage

At Sill we’ve been helping property owners recover after a tornado for more than 90 years. Get your property damage claim settled faster by contact Sill immediately after the storm.

Flood insurance claim experts, Sill Public Adjusters

Natural Disasters

Our team of licensed experts can respond to earthquakes, derechos, wind, or hail. We are the most experienced public adjusting firm in North America ready to get your insurance claim started immediately.

Commercial insurance claim help, Sill Public Adjusters

Building Collapse

Our property damage experts know what to look for after a building collapse. Our team can assess the damage quickly and start your claim right away.

Frozen pipes insurance claim help

Winter Weather Damage

Winter weather means an increase in fire risk, and other damage from heavy snow, ice backup, frozen pipes, or bitter cold. Our clients receive a much larger claim settlement from their insurance company when they work with Sill.

What We Do

Free damage assessment at your property

Complete review of current insurance policy

Schedule meetings with your insurance company

Ensure insurance company gives you the coverage you deserve

Settle your claim much faster, and for a larger amount