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Get the insurance settlement you deserve.

Our team of licensed public adjusters help our clients receive larger claim settlements faster. Hiring us means you have expert help through a complicated insurance claims process.

The insurance company is not your friend in a claim.

"The most important thing someone in business can do when they are confronted with a disaster is to admit what they don't know and get help in that area. The Sill Company was a life-line for our business.”

- Ray Andel, Owner Andel Real Estate

What is a public adjuster?

What we do

Policy evaluation

Damage inspection

Full Damage Report

Negotiate Insurance Settlement

Settle Your Claim Faster

Corporate building on fire

Our Commercial Property Division.

At Sill, we specialize in commercial property damage. When a disaster strikes a large manufacturing facility, apartment complex, or a family-owned retail center the insurance claim process can be incredibly stressful for business owners.

Sill has led the process for some of the largest insurance claims in history, and our team has successfully navigated a claim settlement with almost every major insurance company. We take the burden off the business owners and work quickly to get your business back on the road to recovery much faster.

Commercial Property Damage

Our Residential Property Division.

Homeowners who find themselves dealing with large property insurance claims turn to Sill for expert help. Our team of experienced public adjusters help hundreds of property owners each year.

Sill can help reduce the burden of a long and difficult insurance claim process off your shoulders. Our residential team can review your policy, settle your claim faster, and ensure you receive the maximum settlement from your insurance company.

Residential Property Damage
Residential house collapsed
Couple looking at house devestation

Free Insurance Policy Review and Damage Inspection.

In just a few minutes we can tell you what your policy covers, assess the damage to your property, and get your claim started.

  • We save you valuable time and money
  • Guide you through negotiations with your insurance provider
  • Get you the settlement you deserve to restore your property
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