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Potential Tropical Storm churning in the Gulf of Mexico

A tropical disturbance being tracked in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to develop into a tropical cyclone that would make landfall somewhere in the gulf region.

Above average hurricane season predicted for 2021

According to a recent report from the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project, we may see another above average hurricane season. The report predicts 17 named storms this season, which is more than average number of storms per year. The study and prediction used data collected over 38 years.…

Sill led one of the largest hurricane loss claims in history

The 2020 hurricane season has proven to be among the most active in history, with more than 25 named storm systems, and a dozen hurricanes. The gulf region has taken the brunt of the damage with multiple storms making landfall. As storms batter the southeastern region of the United States public adjusters continue to work to represent property owners faced with the challenge of recovering.…

Florida Court Rules on Concurrent Causation

The State of Florida is known for giving us pristine beaches for winter get-aways and views of spectacular space missile launches. Now, beyond family vacations and rocket ships, a recent insurance-related case adjudicated in Florida rendered a ruling from which insureds may be able to benefit in the future.…