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Most small businesses fail in first 6 hours after a fire, how a public adjuster may help save your business

If you own a small business that has been damaged by fire you can hire a public adjuster to get professional help throughout your insurance claim. A public adjuster may help your business survive, with expert guidance throughout your recovery.

Sill helps popular restaurant recover after fire

A popular restaurant in Warren, Ohio, was forced to close after an electrical fire caused damage to the kitchen area.  The restaurant owners hired Sill Public Adjusters to help with their insurance claims. …

New England expected to face rare hurricane landfall

New England is expected to be hit with a rare hurricane as Tropical Storm Henri moves north this weekend. Anyone living in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts should pay attention to forecast updates.…

What Living Expenses Can I Recover from the Insurance Company?

A fire severely damaged your home compelling you to move out while it is being repaired. You gather a few salvageable necessities and vacate the premises expecting your insurance policy to cover living expenses. Your insurance company says, “not so fast, buster” and directs you to the small print in the policy. Uh oh, you weren’t prepared for loopholes.…