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The insurance company is not your friend according to a client we worked for

Written by: SILL

The insurance company is not your friend according to a client we worked for

Sill is the leading public adjusting firm in North America with more than 30 offices. We represent hundreds of property owners each year who find themselves dealing with a property insurance claim. 

We help you, the property owners, to maximize your settlement from your insurance company. We also work to settle your claim much faster. Working with Sill gives means you have an insurance expert who will represent you throughout the property claim and settlement process.

Our client, Ray Andel, Owner of Andel Real Estate had this to say about his insurance company, and his experience working with Sill.

"The insurance company is not a friend if you have to file a claim," wrote Andel.

The most important thing someone in business can do when they are confronted with a disaster is to admit what they don't know and get help in that area. The Sill Company was a life line for our business. With Dan Doorley at the helm, the claim was being steered through the navigational hazards presented by the insurance company while I was able to focus on keeping the business afloat.

Dan's team of several subject matter experts blew me away with the attention to detail to ensure the claim was fully documented. In the end hundreds of emails and thousands of pages of paper were created. As I look back, it is incredibly naïve of me to honestly believe that a 20 page insurance policy is truly designed to protect me. The insurance companies are the folks who write these contracts - I believe they are designed to project themselves.

I had a complex claim. There would have been absolutely no way I would have been able to tackle the claim in the same manner that they did. They have countless years of background and a web of resources that I could have only imagined. As a result of their work, my homeless residents were able to get back into the building faster than I could have done.

The sad truth is each insurance company knows exactly how many claims you have. Yet there are plenty of folks out there that will still try to out flank them. They handle claims day in and day out - you do not. You are out gunned. Call the EXPERTS and level the field. Call the Sill Company, so you can hit the "I believe button." Magic will happen. 

My stress level was reduced by three fold, while the insurance claims coordinator suddenly elected to become so much more reasonable on the claim. Thanks so much Dan, Joe, Jerry and the rest of the Sill team. You are rock stars in my book.

Sill has helped clients like Ray Andel for more than 90 years. Contact our team today to get started down the road to recovery.