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STUDY: Top 15 regions at risk for hurricane damage in 2021

Written by: Sill Adjusting Group

STUDY: Top 15 regions at risk for hurricane damage in 2021

A new report released by CoreLogic reveals the top 15 metropolitan areas that are at risk for hurricane damage. CoreLogic is a data analytics firm that provides risk assessment, valuation, and market intelligence in the housing industry.

Their 2021 Hurricane Report provides a statistical analysis for single family residential homes, and multifamily homes that may be at risk of sustaining damage from either hurricane winds or storm surge flooding.

In the report, CoreLogic says "increasing sea levels influenced by climate change will bring a greater frequency and severity of storm surge flooding to exposed communities." 

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CoreLogic also looked at population densities, as well as the number of single family residential (SFR), and multifamily residential (MFR) structures that in coastal areas or areas deemed to be at risk of storm surge.

Their statistical analysis led them to rank the top 15 metropolitan areas at risk for property damage this year.

Here are the top 5:

1 - New York City

2 - Miami

3 - Tampa, FL

4 - New Orleans

5 - Virginia Beach, VA

According to the report in the New York City region more than 780,000 SFR, and more than 100,000 MFR homes are at risk of storm surge damage. More than 3.3 million SFR, and more than 448,000 MFR homes are at risk for wind damage in New York City.

The report includes an analysis of the strength or severity of a storm, the potential damage as far as cost per square foot to a structure. Reconstruction costs after a storm are staggering, in some cases reaching billions of dollars in a single metropolitan area that is impacted.

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