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Derecho threat looms for 30 million people in the deep south, protect your property now

Written by: Sill Public Adjusters

Derecho threat looms for 30 million people in the deep south, protect your property now

Weather forecasters say a derecho Wednesday night threatens parts of the deep south. More than 30 million people from Texas to Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia may face destructive winds related to this rare storm.

The destructiveness of derechos, powerful wind storms that can traverse hundreds of miles, is well-documented. While it's impossible to avoid damage from these natural disasters completely, there are measures property owners can take to reduce the potential impact and protect their homes.

Prepare Your Property

  1. Secure Loose Items: Outdoor furniture, decorations, toys, and other loose items can become hazardous projectiles during a derecho. Secure these items or bring them inside when a storm is forecast.

  2. Trim Trees and Shrubs: Regularly prune trees and shrubs around your property, particularly those close to buildings. Dead branches and overgrown vegetation can cause significant damage when torn off by high winds.

  3. Inspect Your Roof: Ensure your roof is in good condition. High winds can easily tear loose shingles or tiles off, causing additional damage or water leaks.

  4. Install a Wind-resistant Garage Door: Garage doors are vulnerable in many homes. A wind-resistant door can better withstand the high winds of a derecho and protect your home.

Plan Ahead

  1. Understand Your Insurance: Make sure you understand your property insurance policy and what it covers—knowing how to file a claim and what assistance is available after a storm is crucial.

  2. Document Your Property: Keep a current record of your property and belongings. Photos or videos can serve as proof of your home's condition before the storm, making the insurance claim process easier.

  3. Create an Emergency Plan: Develop a plan for what you and your family will do during a storm. This should include where to go in your home for safety and how to exit the property if necessary.

During a Derecho

  1. Stay Informed: Monitor local weather reports closely if a derecho is predicted or occurring. Understand the terms used in weather alerts, such as watches (conditions are ripe for severe weather) and warnings (severe weather is imminent or occurring).

  2. Seek Shelter: Go to a small, windowless, ground-floor interior room, such as a bathroom or closet, if a derecho is occurring. The high winds can cause flying debris, and staying away from windows is essential.

  3. Avoid Unnecessary Risks: Don't attempt to secure outdoor items or perform other outdoor tasks once the storm is underway. The powerful winds can arrive suddenly and pose a severe safety risk.

Protecting your property from derecho damage is a matter of preparation, understanding, and swift action when the event happens. While no method can guarantee complete safety from such powerful natural events, these steps can go a long way towards minimizing damage and ensuring your personal safety.

If your home or business is damaged, you may need to file an insurance claim. You should know you have the right to work with a public adjuster to get professional help with any claim.

A public adjuster DOES NOT work for your insurance company; they represent the property owner and their best interests throughout the insurance claim.

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Negotiating with your insurance company for a fair settlement is a crucial step in the insurance claims process.

It ensures that you receive the compensation you deserve for the damages and losses you have experienced. While negotiating with insurance companies may seem intimidating, understanding the process and following some key strategies can help you navigate the negotiation effectively.

Sill's team of public adjusters has decades of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. We advocate on behalf of property owners to ensure they get what they deserve in an insurance settlement.

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