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Understanding the legal aspects of property damage insurance claims and the role of a public adjuster

Property damage can be a devastating experience for homeowners and business owners alike. When disasters strike, such as fires, floods, storms, or accidents, insurance policies are often the lifeline that can help rebuild lives and businesses. Hiring a public adjuster is your best chance at a more successful outcome to your claim.

7 mistakes to avoid when filing an insurance claim

Filing an insurance claim can be a complex process, requiring attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines. You should know that you have the right to hire a public adjuster to get help. You don't have to take on the insurance company alone.…

Fire insurance claims increase during winter months

The number of fire insurance claims increases every year during colder months and the holiday season. Our public adjusters have dealt with hundreds of fires at homes or businesses during winter months.…

Tropical depression forms in Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Depression Seven has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm system has sustained wind speeds of 35 miles per hour and is located west of the…