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Deadly tornadoes sweep through Mississippi

Written by: Sill Public Adjusters

Deadly tornadoes sweep through Mississippi

A deadly tornado tore through parts of Mississippi Friday night, killing more than 20 people. Some meteorologists believe a powerful EF-4 or EF-5 tornado left a trail of destruction more than 100 miles long.

Once the sun came up Saturday morning, news images revealed widespread damage. The rural communities of Rolling Fork and Silver City appeared to be hardest hit. Search and rescue teams or working quickly to help anyone in the storm's path.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported more than 23 deaths, dozens of injuries, and four missing.


If a tornado has damaged your property, the first people you should call are emergency services, such as the police or fire department, if there are any injuries or immediate danger.

Next, you should contact your insurance company to report the damage and begin the claims process. Be sure to have your policy number and any relevant details about the damage ready when you call.

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You should also call a public adjuster when dealing with a business or a substantial residential claim. A public adjuster can guide you through each step of an insurance claim, even taking much of the burden of handling the claim off your plate so you can focus on your recovery plan.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are dealing with such devastation. Our disaster response team is prepared to help anyone with their recovery.

We support property owners during these difficult times by providing expert guidance as they begin to pick up the pieces and deal with a property insurance claim.

We help hundreds of property owners each year who are faced with devastation and what can be an overwhelming time in their lives. The loss of life and loss of property is unfathomable. You have the right to get professional help from a public adjuster.


Whether you own a home, one hotel, or a corporation with more than 100 properties, disaster can put your business at risk or leave you suddenly homeless.

Most people will call their insurance company after suffering property loss, but did you know you have the right to get help with your property insurance claim?

Sill is the leading public adjusting firm in North America, and we have been helping property owners to recover from disasters for more than 90 years. 

For business owners, Sill recommends you immediately take these five actions after a loss:

  • Make sure your guests and staff are safe
  • Prevent further damage by containing the results of the disaster
  • Document the damage by taking photographs and video
  • Save all receipts for immediate expenses
  • Hire an expert public adjuster to guide you through complex insurance claims

Sill works for property owners throughout an insurance claim. Our team will review every aspect of your claim and your existing policy to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Sill can uncover issues and coverage limitations that may go unnoticed or may not be disclosed by your insurance company's adjuster. (READ MORE)


A public adjuster is an insurance industry professional who can help property owners settle an insurance claim faster. Hiring a public adjuster means a licensed insurance claims professional will represent you throughout your claim.

A public adjuster does not work for the insurance company; they work for the property owner and protect their best interests. A private adjuster will get the property owner the settlement they deserve.

While your insurance company may have been friendly and easy to work with when selecting your coverage, they overnight become your adversary after you have filed a claim. The insurance company employs adjusters to ensure that their interests are protected. Isn’t it prudent that you do the same?


The Sill team has been advocating for its business and homeowner clients for over 90 years to ensure that your rights are protected and that you maximize your claim recovery.

Our team specializes in insurance claims management, taking on the burden of handling a property insurance claim.

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Sill is the leading public adjusting firm in North America. We have offices throughout North America, so we can respond to any location within hours.