How Sill Helps

Outstanding Performance, Optimum Client Benefit

Engagement of a public insurance claims adjuster immediately following a disaster is not only prudent, but vital. The actions immediately following a disaster to document the damage and begin the negotiation process with the insurer are critical to determining the final settlement.


Sill has a record of outstanding performance aiding commercial and manufacturing enterprises, as well as homeowners, recover from severe damage caused by:

Success in contending with the distress caused by these perils is driven by the company’s independent, objective guidance and comprehensive range of services singularly focused on understanding the policy and translating it for the optimum insured client’s benefit.

The Sill Process

The Sill process for optimizing the financial return from your insurance policy is built upon the combination of the company’s trusted process with in-depth, in-house insurance industry expertise.

  • The company can have its team of experts on-site within 24 hours to begin all aspects of the claims process and work towards a final payout in the shortest amount of time;
  • Our adjustment professionals are technical experts, educated and experienced in property construction and facilities management along with inventory assessment and controls. Sill also has an in-house staff of certified public accounts with significant skills in all aspects of accounting, tax and asset valuation and an in-house attorney with the ability to apply legal reasoning to your claim, including elevating any policy or adjusting roadblocks to the insureds’ legal counsel;
  • Team members are also veteran insurance industry professionals who had first-hand experience prior to joining Sill in the employ of insurance companies. They put their invaluable insight into insurance company practices into play when preparing damage valuations and ultimately gaining the maximum benefit possible for the policy holder;
  • The team will quickly, but thoroughly, review your policy coverage, extensions of coverage, limitations and exclusions. Additional coverages will be identified as well, which when collected could be substantial;
  • All appraisals, inventories and loss of income claims which are necessary for you to collect from your insurance company will be compiled and prepared for submission;
  • We then assure that you receive all monies you are entitled to under policy conditions; and
  • Sill is compensated only when you collect from your insurance company.

Third Party Relationships

Calculating a loss is complicated. The process extends beyond determining asset valuations whether for damage to property or equipment, but also encompasses business disruption and interruption. This routinely demands the review of purchase and depreciation documentation along with other business records involving material purchases, inventories, customer orders and more.

The Sill public insurance claims adjustment professionals will work in concert with your in-house administrative and financial professionals to coordinate the acquisition and review of all pertinent records. Moreover, the Sill team will when necessary be in direct contact with your outside advisors and service providers including insurance agents, accounting and tax resources, legal representatives and others key to assuring the preparation of a complete and accurate loss appraisal.

You can be assured, as well, that all your proprietary information is sensitively guarded. No contacts are made nor information transmitted without your input and direction.

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