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Pepper Pike, Ohio

Property losses suffered by homeowners may be lesser in amount in actual dollar damages than major multi-million dollar commercial claims, yet they are often just as time-consuming and difficult to adjust. In addition to the actual loss suffered, the homeowner often is displaced from their residence into a hotel as well as emotionally distraught. And, of course, the homeowner is alone when contending with the daunting task of facing the insurance company professionals thrusting the carrier’s self-interested loss numbers at them.

Such was the case when Aliza Falk and William Wilson suffered a water loss at their home in exclusive Pepper Pike, Ohio. A plumbing fixture suddenly burst in their home, flooding the first floor and raining down into the basement. Ms. Falk and Mr. Wilson were referred to the Alex N. Sill Company and immediately retained Sill to assist in the adjustment of this loss. The Sill team, including an adjuster, building consultant and contents estimator, quickly took over the burden of proof of itemizing the damages to the home. Their efforts resulted in a very prompt and successful recovery.

As stated by Ms. Falk and Mr. Wilson:

“Will and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us through our insurance claim process. When our damage occurred…we felt so helpless. After retaining your help we felt as if we had control over a situation that initially seemed so out of control. You spent so much time negotiating with our adjuster on things we didn’t even know we had a right to have an opinion on.

“Without your help we would have been at the mercy of a company that truly did not have our best interests in mind . . . I could not imagine the stress or the outcome of going through this or any insurance claim without you or your company. You cared about our home and our situation and you fought for us.” [emphasis added]

Aliza Falk & William Wilson

Pepper Pike, Ohio

Homeowner insurance claims are universally very difficult and stressful for their owners. The rule was the case for homeowners Ken and Sheri Sacks when an exterior drainage line was crushed causing water damage in their suburban home.

Although Ken is a seasoned real estate development professional, owning significant amount of commercial property with experience in previous claims, he recognized the potential issues involved in attempting to adjust a claim, especially a water claim, to one’s own home. Hence, he hired the Sill Company. Sill’s team of adjusters and building estimators documented the damages and presented the claim, on behalf of the Sacks, to its insurance company. The result was a dramatic 700+% increase in recovery over the carrier’s offer prior to Sill’s involvement. As stated by Ken:

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the job that Ryan Wittensoldner did with the adjuster on my house…Ryan reassured us all along that this would be settled in a satisfactory manner. He was professional, courteous and thorough. I would certainly recommend your company again.”

Kenneth & Sheri Sacks

Cleveland, Ohio

Homeowner insurance claims often come during the winter months when ice and snow dam on roofs, resulting in water entering at the joinder between the walls and roof.

Such was the case when a longtime commercial client of Alex N. Sill, David Orlean, one of Cleveland, Ohio’s leading commercial developers and builders, found water running down the walls of his living room, caused by snow and ice damming on the roof of his home.

Having previously relied on Sill to successfully manage insurance claims, Mr. Orlean immediately involved the company’s professional team of adjusters and building consultants to appraise and document the damages to his Cleveland home.

Sill quickly resolved the claim very successfully for Mr. Orlean.

As stated by Mr. Orlean:

“I recently availed myself of your company’s services in connection with an insurance claim related to flooding at my home due to backup of ice and snow. I was very pleased with the services that Sill provided, and Sill’s involvement spared me the difficult task of evaluating whether my insurance company had considered the full scope of the damage that I suffered and whether the dollar amount established for the repairs would be adequate.

“As I am sure is true in the case of many similar insurance claims, the amount of damages we suffered was not readily apparent . . . you don’t always know what you don’t know . . .

“I would use Sill again if I were ever to sustain another loss of significant nature.”

David Orlean