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Tornadoes leave trail of destruction in the Deep South

Written by: SILL

Tornadoes leave trail of destruction in the Deep South

According to The Weather Channel dozens of homes were damaged as a "parade of tornadoes" tore through parts of Alabama and Mississippi Wednesday evening.

More than 20 tornado reports have come in, but The National Weather Service will work to confirm each over the next few days.

The threat of severe weather continues throughout the South today, even as more than 35,000 homes and businesses are without power.

For anyone left to pick up the pieces after such a violent storm, Sill's team of licensed public adjusters are there to help.


Our disaster response team is ready to help any business or homeowner who is dealing with property damage. We can get your insurance claim started by offering a free damage assessment, a legal review of your current insurance policy, and getting your insurance claim paperwork started.

Our team of insurance experts works with property owners throughout an insurance claim to ensure you get the coverage settlements you deserve, and because we handle hundreds of property insurance claims each year, we can speed up your claim process to reach a settlement much faster than you would on your own.


Our clients typically receive a much larger settlement from their insurance company when they work with us because we can offer a second opinion about the value of your damage.

Sill continues to monitor the weather situation in the South, and we are prepared to respond to any area affected by severe weather. Sill is the leading public adjusting firm in North America with more than 30 office locations throughout the United States and one in Canada.

Contact our team 24/7 by emailing, or by calling 800-524-0006.