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Public adjusters can help with wind damage insurance claims

Written by: Sill Public Adjusters

Public adjusters can help with wind damage insurance claims

Severe weather comes in many forms, but straight-line winds may cause more property damage than you think.

Most people think about hurricanes or tornadoes, but according to Meteorologists at WCNC in Charlotte, straight-line winds are the source for more frequent damage reports most years.

Thunderstorms that produce strong winds can move through an area and push down trees, power lines, and cause significant roof damage.


One of the most damaging types of storms is called a derecho. A storm is classified as a derecho when the swath of damage extends 240 miles or more and has wind gusts of 58 miles per hour or more.

Another common cause of wind damage is a downburst. This is caused when "air is dragged down by precipitation. Wind speeds can reach up to 100 miles per hour, and when it slams into the ground, the wind spreads outward across the service.

These storms cause widespread damage to homes or businesses just about everywhere. Sill's team of public adjusters helps property owners recover from these damaging storms every year.

Our property damage experts know what to look for after a wind storm, and they can carefully inspect every square foot of your property.

If you have suffered wind damage, you can call Sill Public Adjusters to get professional help to file your insurance claim. We do not work for your insurance company; we represent the property owner throughout the insurance claim process.

Your state's insurance commission licenses our team, and we have successfully negotiated insurance settlements with almost every insurance provider in the industry.

We specialize in property damage claims to a business or a large residential home. Large-scale insurance claims can quickly become a long and stressful ordeal for property owners.

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When you work with Sill, we take on the burden of processing your claim, providing detailed proof of loss documents, and we can review your policy to identify all coverages you are entitled to.

When you work with Sill's team of public adjusters, you get the insurance settlement you deserve. We can also expedite your claim, allowing you to focus on your recovery plan.

With Spring approaching, more property owners will be at risk as severe weather moves in. Sill is the largest and most trusted public adjusting firm, with offices throughout North America.

We can respond to any location within hours. If you experience storm damage to your property, call 844.650.SILL.