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Sill led one of the largest hurricane loss claims in history

Written by: SILL

Sill led one of the largest hurricane loss claims in history

The 2020 hurricane season has proven to be among the most active in history, with more than 25 named storm systems, and a dozen hurricanes.

The gulf region has taken the brunt of the damage with multiple storms making landfall. As storms batter the southeastern region of the United States public adjusters continue to work to represent property owners faced with the challenge of recovering.

Sill is the nation's leading public adjusting firm in the country, now with two offices in Florida.

If you are a property owner who has endured some type of damage to you home or business Sill has the experience to get you on the road to recovery much sooner.

Simply put, we help you file a property insurance claim by giving you expert guidance, legal advice, and peace of mind.

Our company works for property owners, not the insurance company, giving a second opinion in the claims process.

With our help, you will likely see a much larger claim total and a faster settlement.


Florida is no stranger to the devastation a hurricane can bring. Our team is there to help, and we have the experience to handle loss claims of any size or value.

In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael slammed into Florida causing extensive damage. A property ownership group called Arbor Properties saw significant damage to three apartment buildings near Panama City, Florida.

More than 850 apartments units suffered varying degrees of wind and water damage.

The loss became one of the largest hurricane claims in history with an approximate value of $90,000,000.

Sill's team was there to lead a team of experts through a two-month process to inspect the property damage. Our team also led the negotiations with the lead adjuster for the insurance company. Throughout the process Sill worked to secure funding so the property owner could focus on their rebuilding efforts.

"Bottom line is that this huge claim was able to get resolved in fairly short order with adequate funding being issued along the way which allowed us to rebuild quickly. This made the city happy as we are the largest housing source" said Gordon Thames, President, Arbor Properties, Inc.

Sill has been in business for more than 90 years, and with the addition of a second office in Florida our team is even better equipped to handle hurricane loss claims.

Our experience in public adjusting is unmatched, and with offices throughout the United States we are there to support in any type of loss claim.