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Riverside Wine & Imports struck by fire

Written by: SILL

Riverside Wine & Imports struck by fire

Just two weeks from celebrating its 20th anniversary, a well known wine and import store was the victim of a mishap by the electric company causing a fire, which began on the roof, and quickly spread to the store below, causing extensive smoke and water damage to Riverside Wine and Imports in Kent, Ohio. In addition to structural damage to the building, the contents, the wine, was destroyed.

The owner, Robert Morson, had never experienced a fire before. His first call was to his insurance company, but not until a fireman asked him “who was going to do his board up” and a restoration company was already on site. This incident was quickly becoming a nightmare.

Through fortuitous means, very shortly thereafter, Mr. Morson met with the Alex N. Sill Company, generally recognized as the leading public adjusting firm in North America. Immediately, the need for his own advocate clicked. He hired the Sill Company, and, as it is written, the rest is history! Using its in house team of adjusters, building estimators, contents estimators, Sill quickly settled the fire loss very successfully. It cannot can be better put than by Mr. Morson, the insured, himself:

“This is what I learned. A public adjuster is the only licensed entity that can negotiate for you (the insured) against the insurer, your insurance company. Alex N. Sill has been in business since 1928. Their staff understands the insurance business. They understand …depreciation of the contents that are destroyed. They understand what can be replaced or just cleaned by your insurance company. They can and will document everything to help you get the most from your insurance dollars and that you have coming to you and that you are covered for. They will negotiate, argue, fight for you. My question to anyone who doesn’t meet with a public adjuster, and my choice and only choice would be Alex N. Sill, is this; How can you the insured go up against the insurer, your insurance company and get the maximum you deserve without having a clear understanding of what they can and will pay? That’s how I made my decision. It’s the best decision I could have made.”

Robert Morson, Owner