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Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner offers advice for property owners

Written by: Sill Public Adjusters

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner offers advice for property owners

Pennsylvania's Insurance Commissioner, Jessica Altman, has advised business owners and homeowners dealing with insurance claims.

Intense storms, including remnants from Hurricane Ida, swept across the state recently, leaving thousands of policyholders with property damage.

The insurance commissioner's office sent people a reminder that most home insurance policies do not include flood coverage unless they purchased the additional coverage.

"Experiencing significant home, property, and business damage from a storm can be incredibly difficult, but we want Pennsylvanians to know there are resources available to help them through the process," Commissioner Altman said.

Here are a few quick tips she also shared:

  • Contact your insurance company ASAP
  • Save all receipts
  • Take photos and video before cleaning anything up
  • Document damage, make certain repairs to prevent any further damage
  • Determine cost needed to repair damage

At Sill, we help property owners through each of these steps. The difference is our team understands insurance law, property damage assessment, and essential steps to take to protect yourself while expediting your claim settlement.

Altman's office also shared advice about working with a public adjuster. You must work with a licensed public adjuster to handle your claim correctly. Sill is North America's largest and most respected public adjusting firm, and our team is fully licensed in Pennsylvania.

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An insurance claim can turn into a long and complex ordeal if you try to handle it independently. If you work with Sill, we take on the burden of claims management, and because we have years of experience with property damage claims, we can settle with your insurance company much faster.

Our clients also see a much more significant amount in their settlement. Because we understand property damage, assessment, and current market conditions, we can ensure you get the insurance settlement you deserve.

Contact Sill 24/7 for help with your property damage claim.

SOURCE: PA Insurance Department