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New "destructive" weather alerts for mobile devices

Written by: Sill Adjusting Group

New "destructive" weather alerts for mobile devices

The National Weather Services has added a new emergency alert that will be sent to mobile devices. The "destructive" weather alert will warn anyone in harm's way.

According to the National Weather Service this new category of an alert will be triggered when a severe thunderstorm begins to produce damaging winds, hail, or lightning.

Dangerous weather conditions that come up during a severe thunderstorm include straight-line winds, derechoes, cloud-to-ground lightning, and flash floods.

The NWS will now monitor these types of severe conditions and a warning will be triggered.

The alerts will include three categories that detail the damage threat. They include base, considerable, or destructive damage threats.

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The NWS says only 10 percent of all severe thunderstorms reach the destructive category each year in the United States. This new alert will be delivered to anyone that is in a location where urgent action is needed to get to safety.

This new life saving technology is a significant enhancement from the National Weather Service, but storm damage to property is inevitable during severe weather outbreaks.

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