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Delta Sports Center business fire in Utah

Written by: SILL

Delta Sports Center business fire in Utah

A single devastating fire wiped out 31 years of hard work and effort that the Bogues family put in to build the successful Delta Sports Center in central Utah. A well-known sporting goods store selling everything from guns and ammo to fishing gear and ATVs to clientele from all over Utah and the west, Delta Sports Center quickly burned to the ground on that summer night.

The owners, hoping that the insurance company to which they had been paying premiums for many years would treat them appropriately, believed they could manage the adjustment of the loss themselves. As stated by the Bogues: “Of course, we had insurance and thought we could handle everything . . . Within a month of the run around we realized they had their own agenda.”

The Bogues quickly realized what many insureds discover after a loss — that providing financial support for the loss that is acceptable to the insurance company and meets the required burden of proof is too burdensome and difficult for an inexperienced claimant. Soon thereafter, the Bogues decided that their only viable course to recover the fair value of their loss was to hire the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjusters and loss consultant. As the Bogues further stated:

“We did some research on our own and believed the [Alex N. Sill Company] were a good fit for what we needed.”

Utilizing its in-house, experienced staff of former insurance company adjusters, building estimators, contents appraisers and accountants, the Sill Company quickly resolved the loss claim, recovering the million dollars plus that Delta Sports was entitled to for its building, business personal property and income loss. The Bogues remarked as follows:

“To our shock and disbelief, the insurance company was not helpful or quick. At first the insurance company seemed willing and helpful. Within a couple of weeks things slowed down . . . They would request paperwork and we would submit paperwork and then again more paperwork, only to be told later it was on the wrong form. We decided we needed someone that had our own best interest at heart and decided to hire Alex N Sill Company . . . .This was the best decision we made. We wish we would have done it sooner. We truly believe that if we had not hired Alex N. Sill we would not have received all of our full benefits.”

Kevin & Julie Bogue, Owners