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Tips to prevent ice dams and roof damage during winter

Posted at Nov 30, 2020

Tips to prevent ice dams, SOURCE: National Weather ServiceFor property owners in northern climates snow buildup can lead to roof damage in winter months.

Heavy snow buildup can lead to ice dams. Snow melts during the day, then refreezes overnight as temperatures drop. This can lead to ice working it's way under shingles.

If left unnoticed the water can get into your attic, which may cause damage to ceilings, walls, and other contents.

The National Weather Service has come up with a few suggestions that may help property owners avoid damage.

Here's a few tips to help prevent ice dams:

  • Clean leaves, sticks, and debris from gutters and down spouts
  • Keep snow on your roof to a minimum, use roof rakes if necessary
  • Clear snow and icicles from gutters and down spouts all winter
  • Evaluate insulation and ventilation in your attic

This advice doesn't guarantee you won't see any ice buildup, but you can do everything possible to prevent damage to your home or business.

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Colder weather also leads to an increase in the risk of fire. Learn more about how you can take steps to limit the risk of fire, especially due to heat sources and electricity usage in colder months.

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Written by Sillco