Since 1928, the Alex N. Sill Company, Loss Consultants and Appraisers, has built an international reputation on responsive, skillful and professional assistance to policyholders in commercial, industrial, and residential insurance claim settlements.

Today, the Sill Adjustment Company is the nation’s leading authority in the profession of public insurance adjusting. Whether a large conglomerate, small family business, or residence, our staff is dedicated to recovering the full amount to which you are entitled. Expediting the insurance claim enables our clients to begin the rebuilding process more quickly.

From the moment the loss occurs, as you become overwhelmed with the issues surrounding cleaning up the damage and getting your life back in order, Sill takes charge with immediate comprehensive services and advice. Thorough evaluation of building, contents, loss of income and additional expenses involve complex issues which should be addressed by certified loss consultants and appraisers. Policy conditions require a specific and highly detailed statement of loss by claimants. The professionals at Sill are skilled in preparing property claims in compliance with the terms of the policy, all formatted to advance the best interests of policyholders.

The complexities of an insurance policy are ever evolving. Terms and conditions can be subject to revisions and riders even after issuance of the policy. It is our business to thoroughly understand every facet of your policy and help you receive the full amount you are entitled to under policy conditions.

With Sill as your partner, you can depend on our long lasting principles – Strength, Specialization, Speed and Success – to work on your behalf with your best interests as our only concern. The Sill Adjustment Company, simply, unconditionally, expressly, stands by your side.





Our core principles form the basis of everything we do. Taken individually, each gives our clients an advantage when settling their damage claims. Taken together, they set the Sill Adjustment Company apart. The Sill team achieves every principle, every day, to deliver the service our clients require.

Simply, our demonstrated commitment to our principles has defined public adjusting excellence for over 85 years and will do so for many years to come.

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When a loss occurs, the Sill Adjustment Company is pleased to provide you an immediate,
no cost, on-site inspection and review of your loss and your insurance policy.




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