DePauw University

“Without the benefits of your firm’s expertise and professional employees we, DePauw University, would not have been able to have reached a fair settlement of recovering the values of our building and content.”

Richard A. Shuck – Director of Business Service
DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana

French Market Corporation

“On behalf of the French Market Corporation, I would like to offer my appreciation for your ongoing work on the hurricane damage claims to the historic French Market in New Orleans, Louisiana. As I am sure you will agree, Hurricane Katrina has brought some unprecedented challenges in adjusting our claims and I am confident we would be struggling without your professional guidance. It has been a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to offer my recommendation of the Alex Sill Company in the future.”

Richard G. McCall – Director
French Market Corporation, New Orleans, Louisiana

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

“I think most people would be surprised to know that the insurance company hires experts to prepare the claim for them. Although…they claim to be “independent,” they are not. Without your involvement we would have had to negotiate with these experts on our own. The result would have been disastrous. Sill ultimately recovered an amount almost three times the amount their experts wanted us to settle for. I would advise anyone with a major claim like ours to hire the Sill Company. We did and it made all the difference.”

Champak Shah, Partner
Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Heath, Ohio

Superior Dairy, Inc.

“Having a diverse background as an attorney and a certified public accountant, along with all the complexities of the dairy industry, I was strongly contemplating adjusting the claim myself. After the process began, I quickly realized that I would have been in over my head and would have cost the Soehnlen family millions of dollars. The adjusting process with the insurance industry needs the specializations that the members of your organization possess. With the help of Alex N. Sill, Superior was able to collect almost 2 million dollars more than our original expectations.”

Emil A. Soehnlen, Esq., CPA, MT, Chief Financial Officer
Superior Dairy, Inc., Canton, Ohio

J & J Snack Foods Corporation

“Once again, I have the opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent representation of you and Alex N. Sill Company. There is no doubt in our mind that we made the right choice in selecting Alex N. Sill and that you are a credit the industry.”

Gerald B. Shreiber, President
J & J Snack Foods Corporation, Pennsauken, New Jersey

Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects

“Thank you and the colleagues of Sill for the extraordinary work and leadership you extended to resolve our claims related to the water damage event that occurred this summer. We had a most positive experience working with you and would highly recommend you to any parties that would find themselves in a similar situation.”

Paul Westlake, Jr., FAIA – Managing Principal
Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects, Cleveland, Ohio


“The Sill Company assisted our people in obtaining the proper information, thus allowing the company to more quickly deal with the loss and get back into the business of manufacturing the best fitness equipment in the world. Without a doubt, Nautilus would give the Alex N. Sill Company an unqualified recommendation for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation. They made the insurance claim process as painless as possible.”

Cynthia K. Rudy – Vice President of Finance
Nautilus, Independence, Virginia

McDonald’s Restaurants, McAnderson’s Inc.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Alex N. Sill Company in their capacity as Loss Consultants. They acted on my behalf in a very difficult and contentious settlement with an insurance company relating to damage suffered by my company during Hurricanes Bertha and Fran 1996. I can honestly say that we could not have reached the favorable and equitable settlement they achieved if we had been negotiating on our own.”

Dennis W. Anderson – Owner/Operator
McDonald’s Restaurants, McAnderson’s Inc., Wilmington, North Carolina

Stephen Gould Corporation

“On behalf of the Executive Officers of Stephen Gould Corporation and myself, we wish to extend to you our sincere appreciation for your expertise and professionalism in the handling of all aspects related to this matter.”

Anthony Lupo – Controller
Stephen Gould Corporation, Whippany, New Jersey

Seattle Public Schools

“I want to thank you for the excellent job done by Sill Company in adjusting the Coe Elementary fire loss. Marty and his supporting personnel were able to put the insurance company representatives at ease, and I am convinced that we obtained a higher settlement, quicker, than would have been possible any other way.”

Ronald J. English – Deputy General Counsel
Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington

Myers Industries, Inc.

“Prior to the Ameri-Kart fire, Myers Industries had never experienced a major property loss. Thanks to the Sill Company, Myers not only survived the process, we were very pleased with the final settlement.”

Scott James – Risk Manager
Myers Industries, Inc., Akron, Ohio

The Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto

“The Sill Company experience and determination was evident from our very first meeting. Your understanding of the insurance industry was second to none and your methodology in preparing our claim was impressive in its detail and presentation.”

Crist Geronikolos – General Treasurer
The Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Creps United Publications, LP

“The Sill team was fantastic to work with, and I truly feel that they were able to maximize the dollars that we received from the insurance company. Looking back at the entire process, I don’t know how we would have managed without the Sill Company. That decision allowed me to focus my efforts on getting my business back up and running, not spending time putting together an insurance claim. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Alex Sill Company to anyone who has suffered a fire loss.”

Jacob Creps – Partner
Creps United Publications, LP, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Monterey Boats

“With over five hundred boat orders and a completely destroyed plant, we were left in a disastrous situation. Hiring you and your firm was the best decision we made after the fire. Your help, expertise, and knowledge of the insurance claim process were invaluable.”

Robert A. Pita – President
Monterey Boats, Williston, Florida

Boy Scouts of America

“Your work on our behalf was professional and thorough. We greatly appreciate your expertise.”

Thomas F. Leet – Council Program Director
Boy Scouts of America, Akron, Ohio

Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

“We feel your involvement resulted in an expeditious settlement that surpassed our expectations. I believe we received such a favorable settlement because Catholic Mutual’s adjusters respected your work product and the professional manner in which you presented it. Although other firms offered their services for less fee, we feel the Sill Company returned to us a far greater settlement than any other adjusting firm would have obtained.”

John S. Brell – Chief Financial Officer
Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dash Multi-Corp, Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the other representatives of the Alex N. Sill Company who handled the Bondafoam fire loss claim. Everyone from Alex N. Sill conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Without a doubt, the settlement you achieved for Dash Multi-Corp was much greater than anything we could have arranged ourselves.”

Paul C. Simons – Vice President of Finance
Dash Multi-Corp, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri