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Sill is a licensed public insurance claims adjuster with more than eight decades of expertise serving clients throughout the U.S and Canada in matters related to fire; wind, hurricane and tornado; water, flooding, lightning, and hail; earthquake; explosion or collapse; equipment failure; vandalism; and other unpredictable calamities. Below are real testimonials from real clients who Sill has successfully helped with their insurance claims.


Metal Seal Precision Ltd.
Mentor, Ohio

At the Alex N. Sill Company, our days are filled with the difficult task of providing accurate estimates to re-build buildings, oftentimes where none remains standing, to re-construct either personal property or business property inventories, where all that is left is ashes, and re-configure the profits that an enterprise would have achieved but for their disaster. And the result is that our work is immensely fulfilling when we can assist in the phoenix-like rising of great enterprises.

Such is the case with Metal Seal Precision, a very large manufacturer of precision metal components for a variety of end uses and end users in 12 countries, headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, that suffered what could have been a devastating fire to their primary facility. Immediately recognizing that the loss might be tremendous, Metal Seal soon came to realize that it was the largest fire in Lake County history! As such, Metal Seal reached out to its advisors who recommended that Metal Seal interview and retain the Sill Company.

Following the initial meeting with Sill, Metal Seal turned the loss over to Sill’s experienced team of former insurance company adjusters, expert building estimators, business personal property and machinery experts, and certified forensic accountants. The result was not only outstanding in terms of a final settlement to the insured, but immensely satisfying to the Sill professionals who saw their hard labors result in a new Metal Seal that would be bigger and better than prior to the fire. And we are proud and pleased to call the people at Metal Seal not only our highly satisfied client, but our new, good friends!

The story cannot be related any better than put in a letter to Sill by CFO, Rick Sippola:

“[The Sill Company] carefully examined the issues we would have preparing documentation for and negotiating our building damage, machinery and inventory loss as well as our business interruption which was quite complex…There were many times over the course of the following months when we reflected upon this decision as the very wisest decision we had made relating to the fire…the Sill Company adjuster who was assigned to our claim was extraordinary…[he] worked tirelessly as our advocate in the process to achieve the highest settlement possible…We definitely wouldn’t have received even a portion of the multi-million dollar settlement we received without the Sill Company. Having them handle our claim helped us to focus on the business and plan for the future…”

Rick Sippola, Chief Financial Officer

Carton Service
Shelby, Ohio
Andersonville, Tennessee

Extreme weather often causes extreme things to happen to buildings. Such was the case last winter when, due to the weight of snow and ice, the roof collapse in on the manufacturing facilities located in Andersonville, TN, to Carton Service.

A leading manufacturer of folding cartons since 1926, Carton Service is now in its third generation of ownership and management. When disaster suddenly struck with its roof collapse, thoughts of how does this business go on…went on with the Lederer family. Convinced that working with a public adjuster would allow it to focus on its operations, Carton Service immediately retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public adjuster and loss consultant, to adjust the insurance loss. Carton was right, and as it turned out, the decision to hire Sill, was later admitted by Reid Lederer to be essential to allowing Carton’s staff to continue managing its every day operations.

Utilizing its experienced staff of former insurance company adjusters, building estimators, and heavy equipment experts, along with its business interruption staff, made up of forensic accountants, Sill worked diligently to focus the adjuster from Travelers Insurance on the entire scope of the loss, eventually settling the loss for a meaningful 8 figure settlement, in excess of $20,000,000 (far greater than Carton imagined its loss to be valued at)!

As stated by President, Reid Lederer:

We at Carton Service, Inc./Pharma Packaging Solutions wish to express our appreciation for the support and guidance which we received by … Alex N. Sill, due to our manufacturing site roof collapse…The combination of experts who Sill allocated to our incident seemed to always be there at the right and necessary times, which enabled our company to focus on recovery plans and actions, and continuity of customer service.”

Reid R. Lederer, President



Pepper Pike, Ohio

Property losses suffered by homeowners may be lesser in amount in actual dollar damages than major multi-million dollar commercial claims, yet they are often just as time-consuming and difficult to adjust. In addition to the actual loss suffered, the homeowner often is displaced from their residence into a hotel as well as emotionally distraught. And, of course, the homeowner is alone when contending with the daunting task of facing the insurance company professionals thrusting the carrier’s self-interested loss numbers at them.

Such was the case when Aliza Falk and William Wilson suffered a water loss at their home in exclusive Pepper Pike, Ohio. A plumbing fixture suddenly burst in their home, flooding the first floor and raining down into the basement. Ms. Falk and Mr. Wilson were referred to the Alex N. Sill Company and immediately retained Sill to assist in the adjustment of this loss. The Sill team, including an adjuster, building consultant and contents estimator, quickly took over the burden of proof of itemizing the damages to the home. Their efforts resulted in a very prompt and successful recovery.

As stated by Ms. Falk and Mr. Wilson:

“Will and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us through our insurance claim process. When our damage occurred…we felt so helpless. After retaining your help we felt as if we had control over a situation that initially seemed so out of control. You spent so much time negotiating with our adjuster on things we didn’t even know we had a right to have an opinion on.

“Without your help we would have been at the mercy of a company that truly did not have our best interests in mind . . . I could not imagine the stress or the outcome of going through this or any insurance claim without you or your company. You cared about our home and our situation and you fought for us.” [emphasis added]

Aliza Falk & William Wilson

Pepper Pike, Ohio

Homeowner insurance claims are universally very difficult and stressful for their owners. The rule was the case for homeowners Ken and Sheri Sacks when an exterior drainage line was crushed causing water damage in their suburban home.

Although Ken is a seasoned real estate development professional, owning significant amount of commercial property with experience in previous claims, he recognized the potential issues involved in attempting to adjust a claim, especially a water claim, to one’s own home. Hence, he hired the Sill Company. Sill’s team of adjusters and building estimators documented the damages and presented the claim, on behalf of the Sacks, to its insurance company. The result was a dramatic 700+% increase in recovery over the carrier’s offer prior to Sill’s involvement. As stated by Ken:

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the job that Ryan Wittensoldner did with the adjuster on my house…Ryan reassured us all along that this would be settled in a satisfactory manner. He was professional, courteous and thorough. I would certainly recommend your company again.”

Kenneth & Sheri Sacks



Ursuline College
Cleveland, Ohio

Winds topping 110 miles an hour struck Ursuline College, the first women’s college established in Ohio and one of the first established in the United States, causing devastating damage to several buildings. Among the buildings damaged was the O’Brien Center, the centerpiece of intercollegiate athletics on the 100 acre campus in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the loss claim from the tornado with its insurance company, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjusters and loss consultant, to help evaluate its options under its insurance policy. Sill was charged with calculating its building, contents and business income losses and to present the findings to the insurance company. The Sill Company quickly and successfully appraised the loss resulting in a very successful loss settlement on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and Ursuline College.

“Your firm was quick to extend an offer of support to us at this important time and helped us to assess our insurance options. After joining our cause, Alex Sill provided us a well experienced and professional support team. Your team worked seamlessly with the staff of the college and was dedicated to restoring the college to full operations quickly.

“After tough negotiations with insurance representatives, supported by detailed analysis and facts that your team assembled, your experts were able to negotiate a fair settlement and timely payment of our claim. Based upon our experience, I can confidently recommend the services of Alex Sill to colleagues that encounter unfortunate insurance losses such as ours.”

David S. Steiner, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mahogany Run Condominium Association
St. Thomas, USVI

Two category 5 hurricanes, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, struck various islands in the Caribbean during the fall of 2017, laying devastation to significant parts of many of those islands. One of the islands so devastated was St. Thomas, USVI. And one of the properties significantly damaged was Mahogany Run Condominiums.

Adjusting a significant loss (or any loss) in the Caribbean islands carries with it particular challenges, such as difficult access to the islands, primitive living conditions during the adjustment, the limited number of carrier or independent adjusters located locally, the particular pricing of labor and materials on each island due to the local scarcity of both, the particular insurance adjusting laws in force at the time of the hurricane or promulgated in response to the hurricane, and the out of pocket costs incurred by an adjusting firm in managing a loss in the islands. In short, there are very few public adjusting firms in the Western Hemisphere qualified and substantial enough to effectively and professionally adjust such island loss claims.

Recognizing all of those challenges, the Mahogany Run Condo Board elected to retain Alex N. Sill Company, North America’s leading public adjusting firm, to assist with the adjustment of their very major claim following the hurricanes, based upon Sill’s long historical experience in handling hurricane claims in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Sill responded by chartering private flights for its adjusting and estimating professionals so that they could gain access to St. Thomas immediately following the hurricanes’ strikes in order to provide immediate response to its island clients. That proactivity provided Sill with a headstart on its adjusting activities, ultimately allowing Sill to quickly settle the Mahogany Run Condo claim for a mid-eight figure amount, to the high satisfaction of the Board, allowing the Board to timely begin the process of rebuilding!

As written by Angela Callwood, General Manager of the Mahogany Run Condominium Association:

“This team…was professional and aggressive and worked hard to deliver the highest possible settlement for the Mahogany Run Condo Association. We found the [Sill] team to be always readily available to meet us…[Sill] went above and beyond and even assisted after the claim was settled.”

Angela Callwood, General Manager