Katz Club Diner
Cleveland, Ohio

One of Cleveland, Ohio’s best known, respected and loved restaurateurs, Doug Katz, suffered a catastrophic fire to one of his restaurants, the Katz Club Diner, as a result of what was determined to be a set by a third party. The loss provided unique issues in calculating the building damage and repair or rebuild cost inasmuch as the restaurant consisted, in large part, of a vintage railroad car.

Within a week of the fire and after struggling with the assistance of an attorney to get his hands around all the issues involving the loss and claim, Katz retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant, to handle the preparation of the insurance claim. Sill’s staff of building consultants, inventory specialists and forensic accountants immediately set forth to prepare loss estimates for presentation to the insurance company.

Working quickly to ensure that Katz could get his facility up and running again, Sill engineered a highly successful settlement with the insurance company which enabled Katz to complete his restaurant plans. As Katz remarked to Sill’s President Michael Perlmuter (who also commented that in all his years as a businessman, he cannot remember a client coming into the office to hug him in thanks):

“As a recent client of the Sill Company, I wanted to write and convey my sincere thanks for all you did to help with my insurance loss. The arson at my diner was devastating to me and to the entire staff. The Sill Company was there from day 1 and assisted me with every possible need. Their expertise and attention was a true gift at a deeply stressful time. I have dealt with many companies with regard to my restaurant businesses, but have never worked with one that exhibits more professionalism, customer support or reliability…The Sill Company made the entire process manageable. Every stress was handled, and the Sill Company actually made the experience pleasurable.”

Douglas Katz, Chef/Proprietor

Trout Club
Newark, Ohio

The Trout Club in Newark, Ohio suffered a major fire in its cart garage that spread and did excessive structural damage to two levels of the club. The facts that: 1) the structure was made up of precast panels that were integrated into an old farmhouse built in the mid-1800s, 2) there was a significant amount of inventory and business personal property spread over the 7000 sq. foot building, and 3) that club had not even been operating a full year, so there was very little business history to show for its business loss claim, made this claim especially daunting for Trout Club owner, Brent Dewey.

Immediately recognizing these hurdles, Mr. Dewey retained nationally recognized public adjuster and insurance consultant, the Alex N. Sill Company, to estimate the damages to his building, inventory and appraise the damage to the business personal property, establish a business interruption claim, and negotiate a settlement with its insurance company. Mr. Dewey understood that this effort would be overwhelmingly beyond his capabilities, recognizing that the “insurance companies have their own adjusters…so now we had ours!”

The result of hiring Sill was a major recovery in 7 figures for the Trout Club!

As set forth by Mr. Dewey in his thank you letter to the Sill Company:

“Mike Hickle with the Alex Sill Co. was our representative throughout the entire process and was there from beginning to end for us. He was great in keeping me up to date on where we stood in the claim process…He was able to get us money quickly within a few short days after the fire. This was important as we still had payrolls and normal bills to pay…Mike and the entire team from Alex Sill Co. are an amazing group of professional people that work well together…I can’t imagine going through a major claim like this without them. I was able to focus on rebuilding my building and my business and they took care of the details!”

Mr. Dewey-we are pleased that we were there to be able to help you!

Brent R. Dewey, Owner