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If you have experienced a disaster that has impacted your business, the insurance company likely will have their interests primarily at the forefront and not yours. That’s why they have adjusters, building estimators, contents appraisers, engineers, and accountants working for them-all to contain and minimize claims payouts. You need and deserve an advocate also if you are to get paid what you are entitlted to under your policy. Our team of public adjusters have one interest. Maximize your claim and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.


Sill’s expertise spans the entire realm of commercial business, including industrial, apartments and condominiums, retail, office, educational and faith-based, hospitality and restaurants, and other organizational entities. Our company and professional teams have handled, literally, thousands of claims in each area and, thus, are expert in the nuances of each sector, market, and industry. We understand the policy nuances associated with each industry, and the challenges that each insured in each category faces attempting to both maximize your claim, get you paid and back in business as quickly as possible. If you have a commercial claim or need help with one, do not delay in contacting us! Every day of delay will likely result in you compromising your claim.



We can all agree that over the past 10 years, climate change seems to have resulted in increasing numbers of storms affecting greater areas of population. Over the past several years, hurricanes have swept through the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Florida east and west coasts, the Florida Panhandle, into Texas and the Gulf Coast. In addition, tornadoes are increasingly striking at areas of concentrated population and industry and not just sweeping the plains of America.

Insurance is meant to help a business or individual recover and rebuild following a significant natural disaster, however, oftentimes policies are written with either exclusions for such weather events or extremely high deductibles for such events. Coupled with more difficult policies, your insurance company’s personal and financial resources can often be stretched thin following such an event. Getting the attention of your insurance company and adjuster following a natural disaster might become nearly impossible if you attempt to handle a claim on your own. Alex N. Sill’s long time relationships with all the major carriers and their adjusters will assist you in gaining their attention, as well as immediately establishing credibility for your claim, enabling us to recover early advances on your claim damages to help you begin to put your business and life back in order more quickly following a natural disaster.

Sill has been there and done that! We have adjusted hundreds and hundreds of hurricane and tornado claims throughout the United States, in the Caribbean and Bahamas recovering over a billion dollars for our many satisfied clients. By pre-organizing Sill’s employees into pre-established “CAT teams” in advance of a natural disaster, Sill is able to immediately mobilize its large staff to locations where it not only has experience, but is fully licensed, both inside and outside the Continental US on your behalf. There is no public adjuster in America more experience and more fully staffed than Sill to immediately manage and protect your property claim interests following a hurricane or tornado.

Don’t make the mistake of “trying” a less experienced or smaller public adjuster on the only major insurance claim you may ever have. Your recovery speed and amount may mean the difference between staying in business or going out of business!

Hear Sill reviews from some of our recent customers.
  • Having a diverse background as an attorney and a certified public accountant, along with all the
    complexities of the dairy industry, I was strongly contemplating adjusting the claim myself.
    After the process began, I quickly realized that I would have been in over my head and would have
    cost the Soehnlen family millions of dollars.

    "The adjusting process with the insurance industry needs the specializations that the members of
    your organization possess. With the help of Alex N. Sill, Superior was able to collect almost
    2 million dollars more than our original expectations."

    Emil A. Soehnlen, Esq., CPA, MT

    Superior Dairy, Inc., Canton, Ohio

  • I think most people would be surprised to know that the insurance company hires experts to prepare the claim for them. Although . . . they claim to be 'independent,' they are not. Without your involvement we would have had to negotiate with these experts on our own. The result would have been disastrous.

    Sill ultimately recovered an amount almost three times the amount their experts wanted us to settle for. I would advise anyone with a major claim like ours to hire the Sill Company. We did and it made all the difference.

    Champak Shah, Partner

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Heath, Ohio

  • On behalf of the French Market Corporation, I would like to offer my appreciation for your ongoing work on the hurricane damage claims to the historic French Market in New Orleans, Louisiana. As I am sure you will agree, Hurricane Katrina has brought some unprecedented challenges in adjusting our claims and I am confident we would be struggling without your professional guidance.

    It has been a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to offer my recommendation of the Alex Sill Company in the future. Please give my best to Keith Brenneman for his thorough evaluation of our historic buildings.

    Richard G. McCall - Director

    French Market Corporation, New Orleans, LA

  • Without the benefits of your firm's expertise and professional employees we, DePauw University, would not have been able to have reached a fair settlement of recovering the values of our building and content.

    Richard A. Shuck - Director of Business Service

    DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana

  • Once again, I have the opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent representation of you and Alex N. Sill Company. There is no doubt in our mind that we made the right choice in selecting Alex N. Sill; and that you are a credit the industry.

    Gerald B. Shreiber, President

    J & J Snack Foods Corporation, Pennsauken, New Jersey