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Has Your Business Been
Impacted By A Tornado?

Sill teams are deployed on the ground to handle tornado damage insurance claims throughout Nashville. We are here to help you start your commercial insurance claim and get your business back up and running. Contact us today by calling 800.524.0006 or click below to contact our team.

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Tornado Insurance Claims.
What Are You Owed?

The tornado in Nashville has caused major destruction and significantly impacted business property owners & residential property owners. Our teams are actively engaged with property & business owners, working to help aid in the recovery claims process and are here to help you maximize your claim recovery to get your business back on its feet.


Alex N. Sill Company is the Leading Tornado, Severe Storm and Wind Claims Public Adjuster.

Alex N. Sill Company and its team of certified, licensed public claim adjusters have been helping businesses and individuals recover from a tornado, severe storm and wind damage since 1928! Our teams have successfully represented the interests of commercial enterprises of all types such as manufacturers, apartment complexes, hotels and restaurants, as well as homeowners, following many of the major storms that have struck the United States, Canada, the Bahamas and the Caribbean for decades. 


Sill has been on site for the recent tornados in Dayton that significantly impacted businesses and successfully adjuster 20+ tornado claims in Dayton recovering more than $100 Million for our insured clients. Our team also has extensive experience with hurricanes like Katrina, Andrew, Harvey, Matthew, Maria and Irma which ravaged Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Then, there was Sandy which stripped the east coast north from Maryland to and through Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Our teams have been a prime resource in the aftermath of the thousands of unnamed tornadoes and windstorms that have wreaked havoc throughout the United States.

Our expertise, experience and rapid response make Sill the leading choice for those seeking to reclaim their businesses and homes following the damage caused by a tornado.

Jump Start the Claim Process and Get More, Easier, Faster…

The Sill process begins with direct contact with a live, experienced public adjuster. Call or email to directly connect with a pro. We will begin by walking you through the initial steps of the insurance claim process. You can even use the Sill contact form to send us one or more photos of your damage. Then, we can evaluate your damage before our call.

From there, the Sill team of licensed claims adjusters (who all formerly worked for some of the most noteworthy property insurers in the US), building and contents appraisers, forensic accountants and legal department work in unison to eliminate the gap – the difference between an insurance company’s damage appraisal estimate and what is rightfully owed per the terms of the policy.


Combine Local Support with the Power of Our Internationally Acclaimed Resources Able to Go Toe-to-Toe with the Biggest of Insurers

We will take complete responsibility from the moment a hurricane loss occurs, marshaling our comprehensive resources to seamlessly help you get your business and personal lives back to normal. Our team of experts will be on-site within 24 hours (and usually sooner) to begin all aspects of the claims process and work towards a final payout in the shortest amount of time.

Our certified professionals, many of whom are former claims adjusters for the most recognized and recognizable insurance companies, are seasoned in the art and science of public claims adjusting. Each is an expert in winning the battles with insurers. We make certain the disaster that hits a business doesn’t turn into yet another calamity – getting far less than expected and/or truly due from its insurance policy.

Tornado damage can have a major impact on you and your business and all our efforts are focused on a successful recovery. You may be wondering about the costs associated with our services. Rest assured that those costs are usually more than covered as a direct result of our involvement. We are focused on shortening the claim timeframe while increasing the payout you are due.

Partner with a Company You Can Trust

  • Our EXPERTISE to effectively interpret your insurance policy or policies, noting all coverages, exclusions, limitations and deductibles and then help you develop a claims strategy;
  • Our EXPERIENCE to successfully handle all communications, prepare all damage estimates (meeting your burden of proof) and all other documents, such as proofs of loss to furnish to the insurer and their adjusters. We answer all the questions. This allows you to focus on the day to day challenges of running your business in the wake of hurricane damage and peril;
  • Our SAVVY to completely orchestrate and manage every aspect of the complexities that accompany dealing with a loss claim. We handle all claims through negotiation and settlement. It can be complicated by the specific policy language and individual methodologies of each insurance company. The Sill teams are knowledgeable and precise in preparing forensic accounting calculations. We know the style and format that each insurance company requires when filing business income losses.

The licensed Tennessee hurricane public adjusters at Sill Company are dedicated to reducing the amount of time, effort and aggravation you, the policyholder, endures when filing claims and fighting with the insurance companies over damages caused by a hurricane. We strive to make the process easier and will get you more, faster.

The Sill team manages the gap between your insurance company’s damage appraisal
estimate and what you are rightfully entitled per the terms of the policy.

Tornado Damage is Devastating. We can help.

Tornado damage in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond can have a major impact on you and your business. Our team is experienced and well versed in tornado insurance claims. We help you maximize the insurance benefits you are due while expediting the process to minimize the business interruption losses you may experience.