Maximizing Your FEMA Claim

Other options for helping businesses and individuals rebuild after a significant disaster may be available through other sources than an insurance company. Sill is equipped to aid with the process of identifying additional avenues for assistance specifically provided through FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, is the lead organization chartered to provide an orderly and systemic means of federal natural disaster assistance for state and local governments in carrying out their responsibilities to aid citizens. The mandate includes offering federal assistance programs for losses caused by a disaster.

Alex N. Sill Company recognizes the need to help clients attain resources beyond those typically available through insurance proceeds. As such, Sill has joined with DCMC Partners, a recognized industry leader in public safety and crisis management consulting, to provide high level value-added services designed to help clients with their own emergency preparedness planning as well as responding to and recovering from disasters of all kinds.

Helping You to be Prepared

Through Alex Sill, you can obtain expert support to develop customized plans, training and exercises designed to manage your enterprise’s risk and ensure adequate response capability.

Available services include:

  • Plan development (including business continuity, operations, logistics, mitigation, recovery and crisis communications plans);
  • Training design and delivery;
  • Both executive and organizational exercises (tabletop and full-scale);
  • Risk identification and evaluation;
  • Organizational assessments;
  • Gap analysis; and
  • After-action and independent third-party assessments.

Assistance to Maximize Total Recovery Funding

When a disaster occurs, insurance issues may only be a part of your overall challenge. Sill also can obtain the expert help you need to manage your overall recovery efforts with confidence to maximize funding and reduce disruption. Available recovery services include:

  • Executive-level advice and counsel;
  • Documenting reimbursement-eligible losses;
  • Identifying and securing recovery funding;
  • Managing and coordinating disaster funding and grant programs, including from insurance, FEMA, HUD, DOT, DOEd, EPA, DOC and other agency programs;
  • Identifying hazard mitigation opportunities and funding;
  • Designing and implementing recovery programs;
  • Supporting community-based recovery planning and implementation;
  • Providing project management and oversight;
  • Conducting disaster program training and education;
  • Crisis communications support; and
  • Public outreach and engagement support with funding agencies, stakeholders, customers and the media.
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