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Metal Seal Precision Ltd.
Mentor, Ohio

At the Alex N. Sill Company, our days are filled with the difficult task of providing accurate estimates to re-build buildings, oftentimes where none remains standing, to re-construct either personal property or business property inventories, where all that is left is ashes, and re-configure the profits that an enterprise would have achieved but for their disaster. And the result is that our work is immensely fulfilling when we can assist in the phoenix-like rising of great enterprises.

Such is the case with Metal Seal Precision, a very large manufacturer of precision metal components for a variety of end uses and end users in 12 countries, headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, that suffered what could have been a devastating fire to their primary facility. Immediately recognizing that the loss might be tremendous, Metal Seal soon came to realize that it was the largest fire in Lake County history! As such, Metal Seal reached out to its advisors who recommended that Metal Seal interview and retain the Sill Company.

Following the initial meeting with Sill, Metal Seal turned the loss over to Sill’s experienced team of former insurance company adjusters, expert building estimators, business personal property and machinery experts, and certified forensic accountants. The result was not only outstanding in terms of a final settlement to the insured, but immensely satisfying to the Sill professionals who saw their hard labors result in a new Metal Seal that would be bigger and better than prior to the fire. And we are proud and pleased to call the people at Metal Seal not only our highly satisfied client, but our new, good friends!

The story cannot be related any better than put in a letter to Sill by CFO, Rick Sippola:

“[The Sill Company] carefully examined the issues we would have preparing documentation for and negotiating our building damage, machinery and inventory loss as well as our business interruption which was quite complex…There were many times over the course of the following months when we reflected upon this decision as the very wisest decision we had made relating to the fire…the Sill Company adjuster who was assigned to our claim was extraordinary…[he] worked tirelessly as our advocate in the process to achieve the highest settlement possible…We definitely wouldn’t have received even a portion of the multi-million dollar settlement we received without the Sill Company. Having them handle our claim helped us to focus on the business and plan for the future…”

Rick Sippola, Chief Financial Officer

Carton Service
Shelby, Ohio
Andersonville, Tennessee

Extreme weather often causes extreme things to happen to buildings. Such was the case last winter when, due to the weight of snow and ice, the roof collapse in on the manufacturing facilities located in Andersonville, TN, to Carton Service.

A leading manufacturer of folding cartons since 1926, Carton Service is now in its third generation of ownership and management. When disaster suddenly struck with its roof collapse, thoughts of how does this business go on…went on with the Lederer family. Convinced that working with a public adjuster would allow it to focus on its operations, Carton Service immediately retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public adjuster and loss consultant, to adjust the insurance loss. Carton was right, and as it turned out, the decision to hire Sill, was later admitted by Reid Lederer to be essential to allowing Carton’s staff to continue managing its every day operations.

Utilizing its experienced staff of former insurance company adjusters, building estimators, and heavy equipment experts, along with its business interruption staff, made up of forensic accountants, Sill worked diligently to focus the adjuster from Travelers Insurance on the entire scope of the loss, eventually settling the loss for a meaningful 8 figure settlement, in excess of $20,000,000 (far greater than Carton imagined its loss to be valued at)!

As stated by President, Reid Lederer:

We at Carton Service, Inc./Pharma Packaging Solutions wish to express our appreciation for the support and guidance which we received by … Alex N. Sill, due to our manufacturing site roof collapse…The combination of experts who Sill allocated to our incident seemed to always be there at the right and necessary times, which enabled our company to focus on recovery plans and actions, and continuity of customer service.”

Reid R. Lederer, President

Hardy Industrial Technologies,
A Magnus International Group Company
Painesville Township, Ohio

Hardy Industrial Technologies (a Magnus International Group Company), the nation’s leading producer of natural animal feed ingredients and related products, suffered a devastating loss when an explosion and resulting fire decimated one of its manufacturing facilities and the equipment therein. Alex N. Sill Company previously assisted Hardy principals, serving as its public insurance claims adjuster in a significant prior matter.

One “issue” Sill Company occasionally faces with clients previously having experienced the claim process and seeing how smoothly we handle the loss adjustment is believing the new loss can be handled on their own. This is precisely what occurred in connection with Hardy.

Immediately following the disaster and assessing the damage left in its wake, Hardy chose to pursue recovery of its losses on its own. The Painesville Township, Ohio company soon learned the adjustment of a major commercial insurance loss is difficult, cumbersome and time-consuming. The process requires significant experience, expertise and an independent advocate . . . just as in its preceding claim.

The decision to once again retain Sill was made following the insurance company’s presentation of its damage assessment at a level far less than what Hardy considered even remotely satisfactory.

Scott Forster, Hardy’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed his thoughts about the process and re-engaging Sill. After three months of trying to resolve the claim on its own — including what Forster considered a very low appraisal estimate rendered by the insurance company — Hardy turned to Sill, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant. The decision allowed Hardy to return its undivided attention to running its business and meeting contractual customer obligations.

Sill mobilized its experienced in-house team of adjusters, property and building consultants, contents estimators and certified forensic accountants to provide highly detailed estimates and objective advocacy supportive of Hardy’s claim. Sill’s extensive and meticulous damage calculation and professional representation on behalf of Hardy before the insurer resulted in a loss settlement in excess of $20 million. This amount was approximately 300% higher than that offered Hardy by the insurance company before Sill’s involvement.

As recounted by Mr. Forster:

“Having partnered with Sill in the past, you made the adjustment process look so easy that we thought we could manage this claim ourselves. Not so. From the onset, you explained at length how the claim would evolve and also detailed the areas where we could expect pushback from and conflict with our insurance carrier. Although significant portions of one building and equipment were destroyed, your staff was able to evaluate our insurance policy, apply coverage where the carrier did not acknowledge there was coverage and recreate that part of our business on paper to resolve the claim to our satisfaction. Simply put, we would not have achieved the settlement we did without the Sill Company. And because of your involvement, we were able to return to focusing on operating our business.”

Scott Forster, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Rutland Plywood Corporation

Rutland, Vermont

The unthinkable occurred at the Rutland Plywood Corporation’s plant in Rutland, Vermont, when a spark ignited the manufacturer of hardwood composites and specialty plywoods. A massive five-alarm fire engulfed the entire plant, eventually burning the facility to the ground, despite the efforts of six fire departments and 100 firefighters.

Founded in 1957, the family run business has occupied a niche in the hardwood composite industry and provided a stable environment and livelihood to many families over its 58+ years in operation. Working with his attorney, Jack Barrett, company owner, initially attempted to handle the adjustment of the loss. They soon recognized the overwhelming demands and requirements of responding to their insurance company’s inquiries, attempting to calculate and document the damages incurred, and maintain the operations of the business. As a result, after three weeks of attempting to manage the claim on its own, Rutland turned to the Alex N. Sill Company.

Dealing with an insurance carrier which had never incurred a loss of this size, Sill provided a very experienced team made up of a former insurance company adjuster with over 30 years in the adjusting industry, a building expert with similar background estimating and documenting building losses, a forensic accountant with similar credentials and background, and an equipment specialist with vast experience in heavy manufacturing equipment. The issues were many, involved, and difficult, including policy interpretation, (terms such as “actual cash value” under Vermont law), and depreciation on an aging plant and to aging equipment in a rural region.

The final result was an overwhelmingly successful recovery of over 300% greater than what the carrier was offering to Rutland. As Mr. Barrett has told Sill:

“We couldn’t have done this without your help. To say that the claim was difficult would be an understatement…As the claim unfolded, the divide between what they thought the claim was worth and what we thought the claim was worth grew larger and larger. Because of the solid documentation prepared by [Sill] and because of your tenacity in dealing with the insurance company, we were able to settle that claim for a much higher figure than what the insurer wanted to pay…300% more…If anyone reading this letter is contemplating hiring your company for their loss, I can only say…’Hire the Sill Company as soon as possible’. We had no idea how much work went into handling such a large claim and in retrospect realize that us trying to do this without your team would have been disastrous…Finally, let me state unequivocally that your fee was more than absorbed (and then some) in the higher recovery we obtained.”

Jack Barrett, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Premium Seafoods Group Arichat
Nova Scotia, Canada

One of Canada’s largest harvesters, processors and marketers of quality fresh and frozen seafood, Premium Seafoods Group, suffered a catastrophic fire which fully engulfed one of its processing plants in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The community’s deputy fire chief assessing the damage said, “I’ve been in the fire service for 20 years and this is the worst I’ve seen yet.”

Rather than struggle on its own with a broad range of overwhelming circumstances and complicated issues stemming from the integration and application of multiple insurance policies, Premium Seafoods quickly decided to retain the Alex N. Sill Company as its public insurance claims adjuster to get its business up and running. Sill, North America’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant which has successfully handled major insurance claims since 1928, was retained to manage all aspects of the claims process.

Sill immediately deployed its in-house staff of adjusters, experienced building and property consultants, contents estimators and certified public accountants to advise Premium Seafoods on the best way to adjust the claim. The team of Sill professionals provided onsite analysis of the loss parameters and completed detailed claim loss estimates as well as meticulous support for each area of the claim. Sill’s effort as an adjuster and primary advocate resulted in an outstanding policy limits recovery for Premium Seafoods of nearly $7 million.

Edgar Samson, President of Premium Seafoods, elaborated on Sill’s scope of involvement and effectiveness on this insurance claim:

“After meeting with your firm, we decided to hire the Alex N. Sill Company to assist us with this claim. This decision, in retrospect, was the best move we could have made and to this day we are glad that we hired your firm. We were very pleased with the results. Throughout the claim you were there to help us analyze the coverages, properly assess the damages, figure out the best way of putting the figures in front of the insurer and fight on our behalf in order to ensure that we received the best settlement possible as a result of this fire loss. It is my belief that as a result of the higher settlement we obtained due to your involvement, you earned your fee 10 times over. We could not have done this without you.”

Edgar Samson, President

Creps United Publications, LP
Indiana, Pennsylvania

A devastating fire broke out at Creps United Publications when a paper break resulted in a printing press oven and thus triggering a negative air flow which “pulled the flames” out of the oven. The printing plant quickly was engulfed in flames that consumed one of the press buildings. Smoke and soot concurrently travelled through tunnels that connected to the balance of the manufacturing facility. Before the fire was eradicated by the local fire department, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, had experienced its largest fire loss in history.

Creps’ ownership and management team enlisted the assistance of its outside corporate counsel who made a joint decision to hire the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant due to the breadth and depth if its in-house services and staff. The roster included in-house adjusters, building appraisers, contents appraisers and forensic accountants.

Creps was specifically influenced by the extensive experience Sill had in adjusting printing company losses as well as the extensive knowledge of Sill’s management of printing operations. Sill immediately went to work on behalf of the policyholder, persevering through the insurance company’s position that many of the presses and equipment could be cleaned and salvaged. Ultimately, Sill’s work resulted in a recovery in excess of $40 million for Creps, and as importantly, permitted Creps’ management to stay exclusively focused on getting its clients’ work produced at sub-contractor/printers, thereby maintaining its client base.

In summary, Jacob Creps had this to say about Sill’s contribution and adjustment:

“[My] company suffered a devastating loss that wiped out our printing plant in Indiana, Pennsylvania . . . Fortunately for us we decided to hire the Alex Sill Company to guide us and lead us through the lengthy and tedious claims process.

“The Sill team . . . were fantastic to work with, and I truly feel that they were able to maximize the dollars that we received from the insurance company. Looking back on the entire process, I don’t know how we would have managed without the Sill Company. That decision allowed me to focus my efforts on getting my business back up and running, not spending time putting together an insurance claim. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Alex Sill Company to anyone who has suffered a fire loss.”

Jacob Creps, Partner

Eltek Of Indiana
Batesville, Indiana

A large fire broke out from an enormous heating/drying oven during the plating operation at one of the Midwest largest plating manufacturing facilities, Eltek of Indiana. The fire caused damage to Eltek’s building and business property, resulting in the significant loss of income.

Eltek retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant. Sill deployed its experienced team of professionals including in-house adjusters, building appraisers, contents appraisers and forensic accountants to assist Eltek. Sill immediately began meeting the insurance company’s painstaking demands for information, resulting in a multi-million dollar recovery that was four times what the insured first imagined might be recovered.

Eltek’s Controller had this to say about the Sill Company’s work:

“I can tell you that without the assistance of the team at Alex Sill, I would have become frustrated and discouraged, likely settling for much less.

“I could never have imagined how an insurance company could make a claim so complicated and tedious. They requested mountains of information, scrutinized it for months, questioned everything multiple times, hired several consultants to challenge [Sill’s] documentation and changed their adjusters during the settlement. I think they wanted to wear us out so we would accept a much smaller settlement [emphasis added].

“However, you came through for us. You never wavered, you keep pushing forward, methodically defending our claim through to the end. This allowed [us] to concentrate on running our company, not working fulltime on an insurance claim. In the end, your services were invaluable and the fees you charged were earned many times over in the recovery you secured for us [emphasis added].

“I hope we never have to go through something like [this] again, but if we do, you will be our first call!”

Esther Feagins, Controller

Miamisburg, Ohio

A devastating fire broke out during the dead of winter in one of Technicote’s manufacturing and distribution plants located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Technicote, one of North America’s leading pressure sensitive labeling manufacturers and distributors has nine facilities in North and Central America, including other facilities in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, California and Mexico.

Techicote initially believed its claim would be easy to document and adjust as a significant portion of the loss was to stock, for which there was significant documentation. Technicote soon realized that no loss is easy to adjust in this environment when large dollars are at stake and the insurer makes non-stop demands for substantiation of every single line item of loss.

The Sill Company, North America’s leading public insurance and claims adjuster and loss consultant, applied it extensive experience in the manufacturing arena, with specific industry-leading expertise in the printing industry, to aid Technicote. The Sill team included an experienced adjuster, building estimator, contents estimator, forensic accountant and attorney — all responsible for adjusting and negotiating the loss claim. The final result was a dramatically successful settlement on behalf of the insured in the mid to upper seven figure range.

Sill’s professionalism and expertise was praised by Technicote’s President:

“Initially we didn’t think we needed someone to represent our interests since we believed the loss and valuations were very straight forward. Three weeks after the fire, however, we hired Alex N. Sill Co. It was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did Sill relieve us from managing all the requests for information, they provided forensic accounting expertise, advised when we needed legal counsel and found additional coverages buried deep within the policy . . .

“Throughout the entire process Sill was professional, responsive, and easy to work with. In the end, they more than earned their fee. I would highly recommend anyone with a significant loss to hire Alex N. Sill Company the very day of the loss.”

Doug O’Connell, President

Besse Forest Products Group
Newberry, Michigan

One of North America’s largest producers of hardwood veneers, lumber and specialty plywood located in Michigan suffered a significant fire to one of its manufacturing facilities. The multi-millions dollar loss was the second major fire to hit one of its company locations during the previous 15 years. The manufacturer hired public insurance claims adjuster Alex N. Sill Company, with headquarters in Ohio, to manage the claims process. The Sill Company’s team of adjusters, building estimators, contents specialists and certified public accountants handling business interruption and income losses immediately went to work on behalf of the insured, resulting in a highly successful settlement.

According to Greg Besse, President and CEO:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank [Sill] for the support you showed during our most recent loss . . . Your employees were able to mobilize a staff of individuals who knew our industry . . . We believe your company was able to maximize settlements with the insurance companies, which allowed us to rebuild our mills without compromise.”

Greg Besse, President & Chief Executive Officer

Glamos Wire Products/Donner Industries, Inc.
Hugo, Minnesota

Since 1899, the Glamos family has been perfecting the art and science of wire. Whether it is in the manufacture of tomato cages or wire plant supports or bale ties or specialty wire products, Glamos Wire Products is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the industry. . . and still owned by the same Glamos family.

What the Glamos’ weren’t though, were experts in the insurance adjustment of a devastating fire loss. Fortunately, the Glamos family immediately hired Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant. Sill, utilizing its in-house staff of former insurance company adjusters, building estimators, contents appraisers and certified forensic accountants, quickly evaluated Glamos’ insurance policy for coverage, and set forth providing detailed, line by line, item by item, building and contents estimates, setting forth Glamos’ loss claim. As a result of Sill’s work, Glamos Wire Products received nearly an eight figure settlement from its insurance company, allowing the family to rebuild its facility and re-equip its operations and continue its successful operations well into its second century of business.

As further stated by David Isberner, Chief Financial Officer for Glamos:

“When a family owned business experiences the type of loss that [we] did with the devastating fire last April, it is very much like having a loss in the family. It was a period of grief, shock and confusion as we sifted through the ashes of our business. You and your staff stepped in and provided the knowledge, guidance and reassurance we needed to work through the loss, the insurance claim and final settlement. We could not have done this without the exceptional professionalism that you and your group provided.”

David Isberner, Chief Financial Officer

Hall Aluminum Products, Inc.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

One of the Midwest’s leading manufacturers of commercial glass and glazing products, curtain wall, storefront glass, composite wall panels and aluminum windows and doors suffered a significant fire to its production facilities in Indiana. The immediate response by Hall Aluminum Products was to retain Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant, to assist with adjustment of the building, business personal property and business income loss. Sill, based in Cleveland, Ohio, along with its regional office in Indianapolis, immediately mobilized its staff of in-house building consultants, inventory specialists and forensic accountants to inventory and document the damage and present a claim to Hall’s insurance company.

As Hall’s President and Owner, Joe Schwieterman attests:

Sill’s immediate involvement in taking over the daily activity, preparing and presenting the claim allowed Hall, within 10 days, to lease two temporary spaces and begin fabricating. The result of Sill’s work and involvement was a successful settlement of the fire insurance claim in excess of $2 million.

As pointed out by Mr. Schwieterman:

“After we experienced a fire at our warehouse . . . your company was instrumental in helping me understand the process that insurance companies use to evaluate and settle a claim. Your company also assisted us in determining fair value on equipment and office furniture . . . Lastly, we were offered valuable help in dealing with insurance companies, adjustors and fire consultants in areas such as accounting, equipment inventory and depreciation schedules. I appreciate all that your company has done for us.”

Joseph Schwieterman, President

Leonard’s Big Valley Farm
Goldthwaite, Texas

A major United States pecan processing plant in Goldthwaite, Texas was ravaged by a fire, destroying the entirety of the facility and 100,000 pounds of pecans. Besieged by the tragedy of potential destruction of its business, in addition to its facility, Leonard’s Big Valley Farm hired the Alex N. Sill Company as its loss consultant and advocate for adjusting and presenting the damage claim to its insurance company. Although initially estimated as a $1MM loss by third parties, Sill’s adjuster, building expert, contents estimator, and business income loss accountant inventoried the damage, prepared comprehensive damage estimates and presented the detailed and overwhelming documentation to the insurance company. The result was a final loss settlement of nearly $3MM! As stated by Don Spitzer CFO of Leonard Enterprises and David Leonard VP of Pecan Tex LLC in a letter to Sill’s President:

“I wanted to write and “thank you” for all the work and effort you and your company did regarding our claim. I quickly realized that our company was not capable of filing an appropriate claim due to the size of our staff and the amount of details that had to be filed. After we did our due diligence on Alex N. Sill Company, we received very high recommendations! Hiring you and your company was the best executive decision I could make! Our success was outstanding. We could not be more pleased with 1) all the money which is paying for our new building and equipment, 2) the professional help we received, and 3) the overall approach that Alex N. Sill Company took care of.”

Don Spitzer, Chief Financial Officer

Victory White Metal Company
Cleveland, Ohio

Since 1920, the Victory White Metal Company has been furnishing its worldwide customers with the highest grade just in time engineered customized alloys for use in the automotive, housing, medical, electronics, ammunition and stained glass industries. In its nearly 100 year history, White Metal had never sustained a significant peril. That all changed when a massive fire ripped through the large 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Within 24 hours, White Metal was in discussions with the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public adjuster and loss consultant, seeking assistance on how White could continue its business operations, while at the same time attempting to handle a large insurance claim.

Alex Stanwick, President of White Metal, quickly came to conclusion that hiring Sill was the clear path to a successful loss adjustment and the continuity of its worldwide business. Sill immediately deployed its in house staff of adjusters, building consultants, contents professionals, and accountants to help prepare the necessary documentation to present White’s loss claim to its carrier. The result was a very successful recovery for White Metal in excess of $5MM, and the continuity of a long-standing successful Cleveland manufacturing company! As set forth by Mr. Stanwick:

“The one good thing in regards to the fire at the Victory White Metal Company was that we were able to meet and have the assistance of the Alex N Sill Company in accumulating the proper data in handling the experience of a total destruction by fire of our main building. Without your help it would have been a total disaster for us…”

Alex J. Stanwick, President