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Has your property been damaged?

Hiring Sill means you'll have an insurance expert on your side throughout any insurance claim.

Don't take on the insurance company alone

Our clients receive a much larger claim settlement from their insurance company when they work with Sill.

We are the leading public adjusting firm in the country and have an office in Indianapolis.

Here's what we do:

  • Review your insurance policy
  • Document your property damage and all contents
  • Schedule meetings and handle ALL communication with your insurance company
  • Finalize your settlement faster

Hiring Sill means you'll have an insurance expert on your side throughout the complicated insurance claims process.

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Indiana Updates

Sill's team helps restaurant owner recover after fire

Sill handles all types of loss claims for any business. In October of 2019 an electrical fire caused significant damage to the Mississippi Belle restaurant in Indianapolis The fire happened overnight so fortunately nobody was injured. Jay Wilson, the owner was now facing his first insurance loss claim since opening the restaurant 20 years earlier.

Hall Aluminum Products

One of the Midwest’s leading manufacturers of commercial glass and glazing products, curtain wall, storefront glass, composite wall panels and aluminum windows and doors suffered a significant fire to its production facilities in Indiana.

Eltek of Indiana's manufacturing fire

A large fire broke out from an enormous heating/drying oven during the plating operation at one of the Midwest largest plating manufacturing facilities, Eltek of Indiana. The fire caused damage to Eltek’s building and business property, resulting in the significant loss of income.

How Sill Public Adjusters Help

house on fire damage

What is a public adjuster?

A public claims adjuster is a professional, licensed by each state’s department of insurance. We protect the public by serving as an advocate for the policyholder against their own insurance company throughout a property damage claim process.

Destroyed Building

5 things to do right away if your property is damaged

Whether you own a home, one hotel, or a corporation with more than 100 properties, disaster can wreak havoc on your business or your home. Most people will call their insurance company after suffering some type of property loss, but did you know you have the right to get help with your property insurance claim?
Apartment building fire damage

7 things often overlooked by an insurance adjuster

Public adjusters from Sill can give you a second opinion about any type of property insurance loss claim. Whether your property is commercial or residential the typical first step is to contact your insurance provider to begin your claim.
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