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Is your insurance policy ready for a wildfire?

Weather experts say the upcoming wildfire season could be devastating, now insurance experts are have some advice about your policy coverages.

How a public adjuster can help Colorado wildfire victims

If you suffered property damage to your home or business to recent wildfires you are likely to file an property loss insurance claim. Did you know that you can get a second opinion about the value of your claim?…

What Living Expenses Can I Recover from the Insurance Company?

A fire severely damaged your home compelling you to move out while it is being repaired. You gather a few salvageable necessities and vacate the premises expecting your insurance policy to cover living expenses. Your insurance company says, “not so fast, buster” and directs you to the small print in the policy. Uh oh, you weren’t prepared for loopholes.…

Most Small Businesses Fail in First 6 Hours of a Fire

The importance of a commercial business retaining an expert professional advisor, i.e. a certified, licensed Public Adjuster immediately following a fire cannot be over-estimated in determining whether a business will survive the catastrophic event. A report from the U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that having a fire poses an even greater risk to small companies than originally thought, typically causing ruinous insolvency within the first six hours of conflagration.…