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Hurricane & Wind damage to a duplex

You have experienced a property loss and wondered now what?

There are few things in life more daunting than having to manage a property damage claim to your home. Whether from a fire, flood, windstorm, hail, lightning or a collapse, few homeowners know where to turn for help in resolving the catastrophe and navigating their way through the red tape of an insurance claim. A public adjuster is there to help advocate for you to receive a fair and equitable settlement for your property and contents loss. It is important to make sure that the public adjuster you are working with is certified by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA).

Not sure where to start?

Public adjuster residential claims process

On its own, a disaster to your home can be completely overwhelming. A large property damage claim with your insurance company can only add to the stress. Most people are not familiar enough with insurance to understand the coverages, limitations and exclusions of their policy. Therefore, the documentation, presentation and settlement of a claim is an extremely complex and time-consuming ordeal.

Howevery, when you have a property loss, public adjusters are there to be your advocate and make sure you, the insured, are getting what you are due based on your policy. The insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company, not you. They want to minimize what is paid out and our team at the Sill Company wants to make sure you get everything you are owed. Wondering how it all works? Here is a high-level overview of the process.

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