Entities Served – Commercial

Sill’s expertise spans the realm of commercial, industrial, educational, religious and other organizational entities. The company and its professionals are expertly versed in the nuances of each sector and the challenges of completing each adjustment.


Property losses to manufacturing facilities, for example, demand a public adjusting firm has extensive experience in evaluating the specific issues. This includes considerable understanding of the manufacturing process at hand and knowledge about the production equipment as well as depreciation accounting. Moreover, additional emphasis is placed on the compilation of business interruption loss claims.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment breakdowns frequently result in significant losses for manufacturers and distribution companies. Insurance coverage for such occurrences is generally separate and apart from standard commercial property insurance forms. That coverage, sometimes referred to as “boiler and machinery” coverage, is coverage for loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of nearly any type of equipment, including photocopiers and computers. Coverage applies to the cost to repair or replace the equipment and any other equipment damaged by the equipment breakdown. Resulting business income and extra expense loss is often covered as well. Sill is generally regarded as the nation’s leading expert in mechanical equipment claims, with vast experience in all types of industry.

Real Estate

Adjusting claims on behalf of real estate owners and property managers, including apartments and condominiums, shopping centers and malls, office buildings along with other single user and multi-tenant structures requires substantial experience in review of leases, identifying and segregating insurable interests between the owner and tenant policies, and experience in projecting loss periods for the proper documentation of rental and income loss claims.


The hospitality industry, including hotels, motels and resorts, historically has a high incidence of property damage claims as a result of exposure to losses from all types of perils. The application of depreciation to real and personal property combined with the sophistication and experience needed to project loss periods for the proper documentation of business interruption claims are critical issues that must be most significantly addressed by an insured and the public adjuster valuing the loss.

Restaurants & Food Service

Restaurants, catering facilities and other retail food enterprises encounter unique issues when suffering property damage. The initial issues of properly estimating the damage to building, equipment and décor and then calculating both business income loss and determining the loss period can be quite complex. A public adjuster’s extensive experience in quickly and successfully adjusting claims in the restaurant and food service business is key to ensuring that you are up and operating again in the shortest possible time frame.

Educational Institutions

Public and private schools, from elementary through high school to college and beyond sustain losses that require administrators meet two goals — those of recouping damages and providing for quick resolution of claims. Sill has worked extensively with boards of education and university officials to obtain speedy, successful recoveries.

Religious Institutions

Churches, synagogues and other faith-based institutions are subject to significant property losses. Indeed, these times of crisis can be overwhelming to the religious and lay staff as well as the boards of trustees who typically are not accustomed to dealing with events of this nature. Sill’s building, contents and business interruption personnel are veterans in handling these difficult claims, helping these congregations repair and/or rebuild and getting its members feet back into house of worship seats.

Private Clubs

Property losses incurred by private membership clubs compel professional club managers and boards of trustees to expertly remediate the damage. Members of these athletic, country, dining, and social clubs expect the facility to be fully restored immediately to comparable or better conditions. Sill has successfully represented many private club losses throughout the country, providing professional guidance and assuming responsibility for management of the property claim.


Sill has worked with many governmental entities helping to appraise and compile claims. Our ability to be on-site immediately following a loss has spelled a meaningful difference to our many satisfied governmental clients.

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