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Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools
Willoughby Hills, Ohio

The Board of Education building for the Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools caught fire, as many fires start, in the middle of the night. Several local fire departments were called in to fight the fire, but soon, due to its ferocity, they had to withdraw from the building and just fight it defensively from ladders on the outside of the building.

After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the insurance claim on its own for over 3 months, the Willoughby-Eastlake Board of Education turned to Alex N. Sill Company for claims assistance as a result of Sill’s expertise and experience in adjusting large school and governmental building losses.

The Sill team, spearheaded by a former insurance company large loss adjuster, along with a building appraiser and contents estimator, quickly turned the claim negotiations around to the right direction, resulting in the Board of Education managing to achieve a successful walk away multi-million dollar settlement.

As stated by Superintendent of Schools, Stephen L. Thompson:

“With the assistance of your firm, our district was able to increase the original settlement offer by nearly 45%. We found the work completed by [Sill] to be meticulous, swift and impeccable. [Your adjuster] was responsive, hard-working, knowledgeable and conscientious. Regardless of [his] workload, we always felt that our claim was his first priority. I would like to recommend the services of Alex N. Sill Company to anyone in need of claims assistance.”

Stephen L. Thompson, Superintendent

The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio

The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, a charitable human relations organization dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry and racism (the successor to the National Conference of Christian and Jews) experienced a significant flood that resulted in the destruction of some of its business personal property and the interruption of business operations. After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the loss claim with its insurance company, The Diversity Center turned to the Alex N. Sill Company’s Cleveland office to help settle the claim. The Sill Company’s team was able to dramatically increase, by 261%, the property and business income settlement over the last offer by the insurance company prior to Sill’s involvement.

Peggy Zone Fisher, President and CEO of The Diversity Center, comments:

“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding guidance and assistance that the Sill Company provided us on our recent insurance claim…we contacted you, but declined to retain you immediately, hoping that we could resolve this matter without professional assistance. Ultimately [after concluding] that it might be wise to hire you, your team was able to structure the claim in such a fashion as to include several costs and expenses that the carrier previously refused to include in the claim . . . Needless to say, we were very pleased with everything about the Sill Company and our settlement.”

Peggy Zone Fisher, President & Chief Executive Officer

Ursuline College
Cleveland, Ohio

Winds topping 110 miles an hour struck Ursuline College, the first women’s college established in Ohio and one of the first established in the United States, causing devastating damage to several buildings. Among the buildings damaged was the O’Brien Center, the centerpiece of intercollegiate athletics on the 100 acre campus in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the loss claim from the tornado with its insurance company, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland retained the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjusters and loss consultant, to help evaluate its options under its insurance policy. Sill was charged with calculating its building, contents and business income losses and to present the findings to the insurance company. The Sill Company quickly and successfully appraised the loss resulting in a very successful loss settlement on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and Ursuline College.

“Your firm was quick to extend an offer of support to us at this important time and helped us to assess our insurance options. After joining our cause, Alex Sill provided us a well experienced and professional support team. Your team worked seamlessly with the staff of the college and was dedicated to restoring the college to full operations quickly.

“After tough negotiations with insurance representatives, supported by detailed analysis and facts that your team assembled, your experts were able to negotiate a fair settlement and timely payment of our claim. Based upon our experience, I can confidently recommend the services of Alex Sill to colleagues that encounter unfortunate insurance losses such as ours.”

David S. Steiner, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Lake Local Schools
Millbury, Ohio

A devastating tornado struck the Lake Local Schools in Toledo, Ohio, the day before the planned graduation ceremonies, ripping through and destroying most of the high school. Superintendent Jim Witt established the goal of getting things back to normal as soon as possible, including re-building the school and having students back into the facility.

Mr. Witt recognized the insurance loss claim was huge and complex. After consultation with and approval from the school board, Superintendent Witt quickly made the important decision to retain the Alex N. Sill Company, the nation’s leading public insurance claims adjuster and loss consultant, to spearhead adjustment of the loss. Utilizing its in house staff of insurance adjusters, building appraisers and contents estimators, the Sill Company immediately took charge of the claim, calculating damages to the building and property and measuring the claim with Lake’s insurance carrier. Despite the enormity of the destruction and loss, the Sill Company quickly and methodically worked through the claim, finally settling the loss for approximately $26 million.

As stated by Superintendent Witt:

“Our high school was destroyed by a tornado and one of the first moves that we made, in the aftermath, was to hire a public adjusting firm to represent us in the resulting insurance claim. In retrospect, it was possibly the best decision that we made in the last twenty-six months. In my opinion, the team of experts that we worked with from Sill maximized our insurance claim and in an incredibly timely manner [emphasis added]. The Sill Company communicated regularly with us, they offered advice, encouraged us to ask questions, and understood our dilemmas and the challenges facing us with a professional and caring attitude. It is without hesitation that I would recommend the Alex Sill Company as a public adjusting firm.”

Jim Witt, Superintendent

God’s Re-Creation Christian Center
White Oak, Pennsylvania

It can be fairly stated that Alex N. Sill Company answered their prayers.

That’s what Pastor Priscilla Dixon of the God’s re-Creation Christian Center in White Oak, Pennsylvania said when talking about the Sill’s involvement in the church’s fire loss insurance claim.

Winter brought severe weather to the East and Midwest, including increased chances of fire.

A fire started in the church organ and quickly spread causing significant damage. Within days of the fire, the church located near Pittsburgh retained Sill to assist in the adjustment of the insurance claim. Documenting and presenting a claim for building and contents damages, Sill was quickly able to settle this claim to the great satisfaction of the Pastor and church hierarchy.

It cannot be recited any better than provided in a letter from the Church Administrator Denise Robinson:

“When our church experienced a fire in January . . . , we had no idea as to how to proceed . . . We were very fortunate that Martin Sachs . . . explained your company’s ability as a recovery company to intercede and be our representative with the insurance company. He was definitely God sent. From that time forward until our final payout from the insurance company, we received nothing but expert and personal care.

“Even though we are a small church, we were treated like a mega ministry. Our representative . . . stayed in constant communication with us . . . They brought in the best building inspectors . . . to verify our loss. Without [Sill’s] persistent and relentless fight with the insurance company, we probably would not have received one tenth of the replacement cost for our church. The insurance company did not want to pay us what was due us . . . [Sill] made sure that we received every dime . . .

“Without the intervention of the Alex Sill Company, we would have probably suffered a total loss and would not be where we are today! Back in our church building!

Denise M. Robinson, Church Administrator

School of Prophetic Ministry
Freeport, Grand Bahama

Hurricane Matthew missed being the totally catastrophic event that was predicted. Don’t tell that that to the people of Grand Bahama Island.

Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane swept through the entire Bahamas range of islands, causing the greatest amount of damage to Grand Bahamas, devastating homes, businesses and churches. Pastor Frank Hagan, the Pastor of the School of the Prophetic Ministry, did not escape its force. Both his home and his church incurred significant damage during Matthew and subsequently turned to the Alex N. Sill Company, the leading Public Adjusting firm in North America and the Caribbean Islands, to help him and his church so that he could focus his attention on assisting his community following the passage of the hurricane.

The Sill team, comprised of an experienced, former insurance company adjuster with significant Cat experience, an expert and seasoned building appraiser, and an experienced contents estimator, combined to swiftly resolve both his homeowner claim and his church insurance claim to a level beyond his expectations, allowing him to focus his work on the greater community. As stated by Pastor Frank Hagan:

“[The Sill] team made certain that I could continue to focus on my duties as a pastor and…work[ed] diligently and swiftly to resolve any issues regarding our home and church building. On behalf of The School of Prophetic Ministry, my wife and I, we wish to send a heartfelt thanks to your company. May God continue to bless you.”

Pastor Frank Hagan, Senior Pastor

Americare Systems, Inc./Eureka Nursing Home
Eureka, Kansas

Tornado season can be rough through the “breadbasket” of America. So, when a tornado swept into Eureka, Kansas during the summer, no one was surprised. What caused concern though was the fact that the tornado “swept away” an entire wing of the Eureka Nursing Home. Recognizing the nursing home’s dual-faceted goals of: 1) Getting up and running the full nursing facility with the least amount of disruption to their normal daily schedule (in order to continue to serve their patients’ needs), and 2) ensuring that they fully recovered all of the damages incurred by the home, almost immediately following the storm, despite the fact that the nursing had previously handled all of its property insurance claims, albeit smaller claims, internally, Eureka reached out to the Alex N. Sill Company, North America’s leading public adjuster and loss consultant.

Launching a team made up of a seasoned professional adjuster, who formerly worked for a major insurance company, along with an experienced building appraiser, and a skilled forensic accountant, the Sill Company quickly estimated the building damages, as well as the lost business income. Facing an insurance company that didn’t want to recognize any loss of income, Sill was able to overcome every objection and successfully settle that portion of the loss, along with recovering a sizable amount on the building damages.

James E. Reiker, Senior Vice President of Finance for the parent company Americare located in Sikeston, Missouri, wrote:

After a discussion with the owner of our company, we decided that we would place a call to Alex N. Sill Co. to assist us with the claim…In the past we had handled all of our claims internally, but due to the size of the claim and the fact that there would be a large loss of income amount, we felt it best to use a professional to help us in the process. Michael Hickle began working with us from the outset of the claim and made the whole process as easy as it possible could have been. The entire Sill group was professional in their contacts with us, as well as their interactions with our insurance company. Not only did we receive all we should have on the actual property claim…we also received more than we believed we would on the loss of income claim. This was due to the staff at Sill.”

James E. Reiker, Senior Vice President of Finance