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Hurricane damage?

We specialize in hurricane insurance claims for commercial and large residential properties.

Settle your hurricane damage insurance claim faster with our help

A hurricane is devastating for commercial and residential property owners. Sill has the experience to handle even the largest property claims at apartment complexes, businesses, or large residential damage situations.

Here's what we do:

  • Review your insurance policy
  • Document your property damage, including all contents
  • Schedule meetings and handle communication with your insurance company
  • Settle your claim faster

Hiring Sill means you'll have an insurance expert on your side throughout the complicated insurance claims process.

Get the insurance settlement you deserve with Sill, the leading public adjusting firm in North America.

How We Can Help

house on fire damage

What is a public adjuster?

A public claims adjuster is a professional, licensed by each state’s department of insurance. We protect the public by serving as an advocate for the policyholder against their own insurance company throughout a property damage claim process.

How to survive a hurricane insurance claim

A hurricane is devastating for your business because the storm can bring a storm surge, powerful winds, and torrential rains. Your business can survive the storm by taking a few steps to prepare.

What NOT to do after a storm damages your business

If a hurricane damages your business, you need to know what you can and cannot do. Anything you touch could put your safety at risk, and it could affect your insurance claim. Sill has a survival guide for business owners who find themselves dealing with hurricane damage.


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