Analyzing the Notre Dame Cathedral Disaster From an Insurance Loss Perspective

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Appraisal as an Insurance Policy Remedy

“I Don’t Agree With My Insurance Company’s Damage Offer, Now What?”

Appraisal as an Insurance Policy Remedy

By Michael C. Perlmuter, JD, President & General Counsel

The insurer says, “Okay,” presenting you the workup of a damage estimate and hoping the amount will pass the blink test. But the number isn’t all right with you.

You have tried in good faith to resolve your insurance claim for the significant damage to your business, residential real estate or personal property, but the insurance company offered $x and you want/need/deserve and are actually insured for $x-plus-plus-plus!

What next?

Do you have to accept what your insurer offers?


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Filing an Insurance Claim and Suffered a Business Interruption Loss?

How to Contend with Just What Might Become the Most Contentious Part of the Claim and Obtain the Rightful Amount to Cover the Loss of Income

By Donald J. Dragony, CPA, CFF, MBA
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
& Director of Forensic Accounting
Alex N. Sill Company

Damage done to business property often results in more than just an insurance claim to repair or replace a building and/or its equipment. A serious event often causes a disruption of business operations resulting in an additional claim for a business loss of income. The latter is more commonly known as a “Business Interruption” claim.


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Determining Optimal Property Loss Recovery Options

Do I have to re-build?

What if I don’t?


“What is actual cash value?”

By Michael C. Perlmuter, JD, President & General Counsel


One of the most frequently asked questions when assisting a business or residential property owner in adjusting a property insurance loss is: “What are my options for an insurance claim recovery from this loss?”

The question, though simple, is complex in nature and thus becomes the driver for most property owners to retain a public insurance claims adjuster, read Alex N. Sill Company, when contending with an insurance loss.

Policy owners acting on their own encounter a process akin to a notorious…

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Replacement Cost Insurance: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

By Michael Perlmuter, JD, President & General Counsel

and Jeffrey O’Connor, SPPA, Vice President

Insureds seem to take great comfort believing their replacement cost insurance will fully cover losses to their business or home when in fact they should not be sleeping so peacefully.

It is painfully clear during our initial conversations with clients experiencing a loss that they believe their claim to be “simple” or “straight forward” because they have “replacement cost insurance.” The insureds are adamant in the assumption that their replacement cost coverage obligates the insured to pay the “cost of replacement.”

Is this true? Absolutely not . ….

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