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What to do if your property insurance claim is denied

Posted at Jan 19, 2021

Screenshot 2020-12-14 155634If you have experienced some type of property damage you have likely contacted your insurance company to file a claim. The insurance company will typically send an insurance adjuster to inspect the damage to your property and determine if your claim is covered.

In some cases, the insurance company will deny the property insurance claim. If this happens you need the help of a public adjuster.  Sill is the leading public adjusting firm in the country, with more than 30 offices throughout north America.

Our team of licensed public adjusters have the experience to review your insurance policy, inspect the damage, and provide a second opinion about your insurance claim.

Sill has a long history of negotiating with the largest insurance providers, while representing property owners who find themselves involved in property claims disputes.

Our public adjusters are licensed insurance experts who can carefully review your policy to look for additional coverages your insurance company may not disclose.

We can also inspect the property damage and document every detail to ensure your insurance company is covering everything that your policy entitles you to.

A second opinion about the value on the damage and the total loss of personal contents often leads to a much larger settlement from your insurance company.

We recommend contacting Sill's team early in your claims process. We can take the burden off property owners and handle all aspects of the insurance claim.

In fact, contacting Sill is one of the first 5 things to do right away if your property is damaged.

Get the help you deserve during an insurance property loss by emailing info@sill.com or by calling 800-524-0006.

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Written by Sillco