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How to Get the Maximum Insurance Payout from Hurricane Michael and Other Storm Claims

Posted at Oct 11, 2018

Michael, the Hurricane, No Florence!

Michael, the Perlmuter, Explains Why and How Alex. N. Sill Can Get You Max Insurance Payout from Storm Claims

By Michael C. Perlmuter, JD, President & General Counsel

I spent much of yesterday, including last night and then into the early hours of today, Day 2 of Hurricane Michael, watching the damage inflicted on Florida’s panhandle, elsewhere along the Gulf Coast and then deep into Georgia. Your powerful winds have taken a severe toll in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, and communities nearby.

My focus has been no less as I have tracked the devastation, following your cone as it chases up through Georgia and heads towards South Carolina and then North Carolina (the latter two which are still suffering from the wrath of your cousin, Hurricane Florence).

Indeed, Michael, the hurricane, you are fast moving, combining Category 4 winds of 140 miles per hour with very little rain and minor flooding followed by sunshine. Yet, as an event, you differ in persona from Florence, which penetrated the Carolinas with only minor winds, but hovered for days with torrential rains that resulted in massive surges of water and widespread flooding.

Michael, your Cousin Florence got us in the Carolinas. She knew that flood surges and flooding are rarely covered by insurance. Few folks thereabouts had purchased NFIP flood insurance and even fewer purchased any version of private flood coverage. The insurance industry dodged responsibility for much of the damage. As such, as public adjusters, we were left unusually handcuffed and not able to provide our typical array of solutions.

The well honed and time tested defenses of the insurance behemoths left us and our brethren offenseless.

I’m sure you are well aware most all risk or open peril property policies provide coverage for the standard perils, some of which are fire and lightning, windstorm, hail, explosions, smoke damage, vandalism, theft, volcanic eruption, and even such remote perils as falling objects and riots and civil disturbances. However, earthquakes and floods are specifically excluded in standard all risk or open peril policies, only available by special endorsement or a so-called DIC (Difference In Conditions policy) leaving so many insureds literally all wet when it comes to recovering from damage incurred in many storms.

But Michael, the hurricane, we, Michael Perlmuter and the entire Alex N. Sill Company regiment, got you this time! Your winds that caused significant damage to hotels, motels, stores, schools restaurants and more throughout Panama City, Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, and then east, west and farther north tearing off roofs, buckling walls collapsing all sorts of commercial buildings and leaving destroyed equipment and other real property inside ARE ALL INSURED!

And Michael, this time we are forearmed. We know how to adjust all the damages that these folks suffered. You see, the Sill Company is one the North America’s largest and oldest Public Adjusters and Loss Consultants. We have 90 years of expertise battling insurance companies and obtaining the maximum settlement for our clients. Included therein is our efforts in the wake of every major hurricane and most minor ones to help thousands of businesses and homeowners from Florida and Georgia to Alabama to Mississippi to North Carolina to South Carolina to Texas and even to the Caribbean and the Bahamas rebuild their lives from the incumbent damages.

Our staff, made up of former insurance company adjusters, in-house building appraisers, contents estimators and forensic accountants (along with myself, an insurance coverage attorney), are already advising our insured clients on the policy intricacies in contending with Hurricane Michael claims. We have our lead professionals currently on site in Panama City and ready, willing and able to help our clients and other commercial insureds evaluate their policy coverage, determine a strategy to ensure quick and maximum insurance recovery, prepare necessary building and contents estimates, prepare business income/loss documentation and handle all negotiations for our insureds so that they can get back to re-building (literally and figuratively) their businesses and lives.

So, this time we got you, Mr. Michael, the hurricane! And we got our insured clients covered.

P.S. Don’t let Michael get the better of you. If you suffered damages at the hand of Michael. Call me . . . the other Michael, at (216) 867-0856. I will make sure the Sill Company helps you get the better of the other Michael!

Contact a Sill public adjuster near you for assistance in such matters.



Written by Sillco