About Sill — Reputation and Philosophy

Sill’s reputation as a leading public adjuster

History and Philosphy

Thousands of businesses, organizations, educational institutions and families have chosen Alex N. Sill Company to help them productively, efficiently and swiftly become emotionally and financially healthy in the wake of a disaster since 1928.

Sill’s reputation is built on the responsive, skillful and professional assistance provided to policyholders who have obtained the maximum possible settlement from insurers for their commercial, industrial and residential damage claims.  The company’s record of successes as a public insurance claims adjuster is indisputable proof of the value provided over relying on the captive “private” adjusters used by insurers.

Today, Sill is the nation’s leading authority in the profession of public insurance adjusting.  The Sill team takes sole responsibility from the moment a loss occurs, marshalling its comprehensive resources to seamlessly help clients get their business and personal lives back to normal.  Assistance in contending with the complicated insurance claims process is immediate, continuous and consistent as our certified loss consultants and appraisers work in unison to quickly get policyholders what is truly due them —  not what the insurance company and its own hired adjusters claim is due.

The Sill professionals work on parallel tracks to:

  • Evaluate a client’s one or more policies;
  • Itemize, evaluate and value the damage occurring to buildings, inventory, machinery, vehicles, other contents and from loss of income and other expenses;
  • Prepare specific, highly detailed statements of the loss;
  • Render advice and real resources to get businesses running and personal lives resettled; and
  • Build definitive, persuasive cases from which it can best advocate before the insurers about the amount of the loss.

Sill provides insurance claims support for these types of organizations (click a title to learn more):

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